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Live coverage, Melbourne Stars v Hobart Hurricanes

Melbourne Stars v Hobart Hurricanes. Can Luke Wright again light it up at the top of the order for the Stars?

Melbourne Stars v Hobart Hurricanes. Can Luke Wright again light it up at the top of the order for the Stars? Photo: Getty Images

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Melbourne Stars  6-135 (19.2)  Faulkner 1 no, Handscomb 6 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13. Maxwell 19. White 22.

Hobart Hurricane 8-134

The Melbourne Stars struggled to reach their low target of 135, despite several big names getting starts. Bollinger and Laughlin were outstanding bowlers for the Hurricanes, but with their low total, the bad overs suffered by Gulbis and Styris were costly.

Stars hitters Hodge and Quiney rode their luck, then belted the ball effectively for long enough to establish the defining partnership of the game, 57, for the second wicket. In the end, the Stars needed every wicket in hand as poor decision-making and competitive bowling created a tight finish. Another twenty runs and the Hurricanes would have been an even-money chance.

The Renegades and Stars are now atop the Big Bash League. Both have big weaknesses, the Renegades in the depth of their fast bowling and batting, and the Stars with their poor fielding. However both will expect to perform better than they have so far, meaning their prospects of making the finals are strong.

From each of these games, a supposed lesser light shines. As much as attracting young fans or making money, is the benefit of the tournament. No-one would understimate the crafty Ben Laughlin after his superb bowling display tonight, and Clint McKay and Jamie Faulkner also bowled spells that remind you of their class.

McKay was named man of the match for his 3-24.

There it goes. Owais Shah drops a hot chance off Glen Maxwell with the game in the balance.

There it goes. Owais Shah drops a hot chance off Glen Maxwell with the game in the balance. Photo: Getty Images

Melbourne Stars  6-135 (19.2)  Faulkner 1 no, Handscomb 6 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13. Maxwell 19. White 22.


Hobart Hurricane 8-134

Evan Gulbis (3 overs for 23) to bowl the final over. Something of a surprise that spinner Doherty hasn't been used.

Handscomb top-edges the first ball, a bouncer, to level the scores with a boundary over the keeper's head.

Gulbis goes short again, it is called a no-ball for being too high over the batsman, and the game is over, with four balls remaining.

Melbourne Stars win by four wickets.

Melbourne Stars  6-130 (19)  Faulkner 1 no, Handscomb 2no . Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13. Maxwell 19. White 22.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

High drama as the Stars stumble close to their target. Handscomb all but plays on, then there is a mix-up and Faulkner has to dive to make his ground at the non-striker's end.

Five runs needed off the final over.



Melbourne Stars  6-127 (18.5)  Faulkner 0 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13. Maxwell 19. White 22.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

White c Birt b Laughlin 22 (21)

Ben Laughlin outstanding tonight, to bowl the penultimate over. Laughlin throws a tantrum after Faulkner appeared to handle the ball whilst taking off for a run. It was unclear whether the contact was conscious. White gets underneath the next ball, sending it high to deep mid-wicket, where he is comfortably caught bu Travis Birt. Game on.


Melbourne Stars 5-125 (18) White 20 no, Faulkner 0 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13. Maxwell 19.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Maxwell c Doherty b Bollinger 19

Doug Bollinger returns to the bowling crease for the 18th over.

Maxwell slams a pulled four through mid-wicket for four from the second ball. A french cut to a yorker from the next delivery bounces high and wide of the keeper and down to the fence. But Maxwell, blood pumping, wants to end it in a hurry. he rushes at Bollinger, gets cramped, and can only loop an easy catch for mid-off.

The next ball is wide down the leg side, and White gets a gloves on it hooking, four more.

10 off 12 balls needed now. Bollinger got the breakthrough, but went for three boundaries. With wickets in hand, it wasan equation that favoured the Stars.

Melbourne Stars 4-111 (17) White 14 no, Maxwell 12 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

The Stars get good contact on Gulbis, but score only singles from the first three balls. White top-edges the fourth deep to square leg, but two fieldsmen between them get nowehere near it. Half-chances have to be taken now for the Hurricanes, who dropped Maxwell three overs ago. Six off, not a bad effort from the burly Gulbis.

Melbourne Stars 4-105 (16) White 11 no. Maxwell 9 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Gulbis to bowl the 17th over. One bad over and its all over for the Hurricanes. Keep it tight and the tension will rise.

Melbourne Stars 4-105 (16) White 11 no. Maxwell 9 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Styris bowls much better then in his openign over giving the batsmen no room to swing him away. But White leg glances him for four to keep the Stars near the asking rate. 30 needed off 24 balls.

Melbourne Stars 4-99 (15) White 3 no. Maxwell 8 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134


Doherty piles up the dot balls following the dismissal of Hussey. Maxwell edges a cut through the hands of first slip, a tough but gettable chance. Cruelly, Maxwell then finishes the over with a magnificent full extension of the arms which sends the ball way back into the crowd at deep mid-on for six.

Styris returns to the bowling crease. His first over went for 21...

Melbourne Stars 4-90 (14) White 3 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Doherty returns, and there will be some jitters for the Stars as the middle-order has to play itself in whilst scoring at better than a run a ball.


Melbourne Stars 4-90 (14) White 3 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35. Hussey 13

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Hussey c Paine b Laughlin 13

Regulation outside edge to the keeper to an attempted nudge to third man. This has been a fine spell from Laughlin, who never bowls the same ball twice.

Melbourne Stars 3-86 (13) Hussey 14 no, White 1 no. Wright 1. Hodge 34. Quiney 35.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Gulbis get clobbered or guided into the distance by Hussey, but he finds a good length and some control for the rest of the over, cramping Hussey with a tight line.

Melbourne Stars 3-83 (12.2) Hussey 11 no, White 1 no. Wright 1. Quiney 35, Hodge 34

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

More than a run-per-ball required - 55 off 49 - and a wicket here would get the Hurricanes back in the game. The busy Hussey shapes as the main stumbling block.


Melbourne Stars 3-81 (12) Hussey 9 no, White 0 no. Wright 1. Quiney 35, Hodge 34

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Hodge c Styris b Hogan 34

Hodge gets plenty of bat on a quick delivery which cramps him for room but he skies the ball straight to Styris at third man.

Fox Sports counts thirties amongst its T20 stats. The Stars now have two players who have got to 30 and got out, as if it was a 50 in a first-class game. Hussey resumes normal service with industrious running between wickets.

Melbourne Stars 2-75 (12) Hodge 32 no, Hussey 5 no. Wright 1. Quiney 35

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

A brutal drive for four from Hodge in that Gulbis over. His stillness at the crease at odds with the flash of his bat as he slammed the ball into the gap. Hussey smashes an uppish cut for a boundary from the last ball, and it becomes a good over for the Stars.


Melbourne Stars 2-62 (10) , Hodge 25 no. Wright 1. Quiney 35

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Quiney c Shah b Laughlin 35

Laughlin tied Quiney in knots with his slower balls, and deserved that wicket. Quiney chopped a full pace, good length ball outside off straight to a deep gully position on the edge of the fielding circle.

Melbourne Stars 1-62 (9.3) Quiney 35 no, Hodge 25 no. Wright 1.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Hurricanes were 3/54 at a comparable stage of their innings. Those two extra wickets mean a lot.

Melbourne Stars 1-59 (8) Quiney 34 no, Hodge 23 no. Wright 1.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Styris wobbles in with his slow-medium all-sorts. After two overs for five runs, the door was opened slightly for the Hurricanes. Hodge stood and delivered to the second ball, imperiously swiping it over wide mid-on for six. Quiney swings long and high for six, smashing it 92 metres, twelve rows into the crowd at mid-on. He repeats the does with the final delivery, hitting it a little flatter and wider. 21 runs off that over, and it should be back to cruise control for the Stars now.

Melbourne Stars 1-38 (8) Quiney 22 no, Hodge 14 no. Wright 1.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Laughlin's change of pace bamboozled Quiney, after he had hit the first ball for two through mid-wicket. The rest of the over comprised of dots, with Quiney missing the last three.

Melbourne Stars 1-36 (7) Quiney 20 no, Hodge 14 no. Wright 1.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Ace short-form spinner Xavier Doherty replaces Doug Bollinger for the customary slow-bowler's seventh over, when the powerplay is finished and the field can spread. With Hodge and Quiney starting to flourish after surviving Bollinger's assault, the Hurricanes now need some luck. Just three off that accurate over.

Melbourne Stars 1-33 (6) Quiney 18 no, Hodge 13 no. Wright 1.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

The Hurricanes desperately need a second wicket. Quiney gets Hogan away backward of square with a trademark pull, a shot that he had failed to middle against Bollinger. He follows up with a searing straight drive for four which sends the umpire to the deck, and a clever dab and run single.

Melbourne Stars 1-22 (5) Quiney 8 no, Hodge 12 no. Wright 1.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134 

Bollinger 3-2-8-2

Hodge gives himself room and swings hard again - this time the thick edge flies past slip to the third man fence for four. A more controlled late cut yields a single from the next ball, and the run machine is away, already in double figures. Bollinger quick length ball beats Quiney's huge pulls shot past the outside edge. Undeterred, Quiney pulls again at the next ball, and gets three to deep mid-wicket. Hodge all but plays on with a lazy dab at ball five, Bollinger still probing strongly around off-stump.

Melbourne Stars 1-14 (4) Quiney 5 no, Hodge 7 no. Wright 1.

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134 

Bollinger 2-2-0-2

Hodge swings hard at a full ball from Hogan and gets it past point for four. The Stars still aren't hitting the middle, but Hodge is good enough to get boundaries from comparative mis-hits. Eight off that over.

Melbourne Stars 1-6 (2) Quiney 4 no, Hodge 0 no. Wright 1.
Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Wright c Styris b Bollinger 1 (5)
Bollinger 2-2-0-2

Hobart have come out with a nothing-to-lose attitude, and they have the Stars on the back foot. The hosts need only weather the initial asault, with a low total to chase, but the underdogs are making a game of it for now.

Melbourne Stars 1-5 (1.1) Quiney 4 no, Hodge 0no
Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Wright c Styris b Bollinger 1 (5)

Wright tries to hit a good length ball, which climbs on him, and he gets it high ont he bat. Easy catch at mid-off. The wicket was not surprise after the excellent opening two overs from the Hurricanes. Wright is not content when tied down for more than a couple of balls.

Melbourne Stars 0-5 (2) Quiney 4, Wright 1
Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Nine dot balls to open the innings before a sneaky single to mid-wicket for Luke Wright. Lanky right-arm speedster Michael Hogan moved the ball and tested both batsmen. The Quiney drop-kicked his final ball over square leg for four..

Melbourne Stars 0-0 (1)
Hobart Hurricanes 8-134

Brilliant opening over from Doug Bollinger. He beat the bat of Rob Quiney, whether the out-of-form leftie tried to defend or attack. Two slips were in place by over's end.

Shane Warne of the Stars reacts after a catch was dropped off his bowling.

Shane Warne of the Stars reacts after a catch was dropped off his bowling. Photo: Getty Images

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134 (20)

Hobart battled away, but struggled to achieve any momentum, losing wickets regularly. Paine and Bailey grafted for a while to re-establish the innings, but both got out to good hits which picked out fieldsmen on the boundary just when they were looking to unleash their attacks. Styris had a good over, but no other player reached double figures.

The Stars' bowling was excellent after an ordinary first over from Glenn Maxwell. Malinga (2-19) was again outstanding, his variations baffling every batsmen be bowled to, while Faulkner (2-24), and McKay (3-24) were aggressive and effective. Warne had two catches dropped off his bowling and was on top for all but two balls of his spell )-31, whilst his left-field choice Cameron White pciked up a wicket.

The Stars lack pace and polish in the field - some of their older stars do not have the physical capacity of younger opponents - but their bowling was outstanding. The pitch is good, and it will take an extraordinary performance with the ball from the Hurricanes to win defending a sub-par total.

Tim Paine watches as Peter Handscomb of the Stars takes a catch to dismiss Travis Birt.

Tim Paine watches as Peter Handscomb of the Stars takes a catch to dismiss Travis Birt. Photo: Getty images

Hobart Hurricanes 8-134 (20)

Cam White misses a gimme run-out with his underarm shot from five metres, with the batsman resigned to dismissal. Hogan skies a slog safely at mid-wicket, then he tugs a full-length ball for one. Malinga responds with full pace, and some desperate running turns a one into a two. The final ball is a full-toss, hit to mid-wicket for single.


Hobart Hurricanes 8-127 (19.1)

Laughlin b Malinga 2 (5)

It's the fast yorker this time, and tailender Laughlin misses it by a wide margin with a wild drive.


Hobart Hurricanes 7-127 (19)

Styris c Quiney b Faulkner 24 (17)

Faulkner finsihes another impressive over. He nearly got a second wicket that over when a skied drive eluded Warne running back from cover. As damien Fleming put it, Warne, with his dodgy hammie, was "Putting in the small ones!"


Hobart Hurricanes 7-125 (18.3)

Styris c Quiney b Faulkner 24 (17)

Leftie Faulkner charges in for the penultimate over. Styris smashes the second ball to deep cover, but McKay grabs it with his left as it passes him near the boundary, and saves four runs.

The following delivery is a slower ball bouncer. Styris backs away but only dollies it to gully.

Hobart Hurricanes 6-122 (18)
Styris 21
Laughlin 1

Malinga 1-10 off 3 high-class overs. Great to watch someone who has taken this form seriously and made it his own. Superb 140kmh yorker from the fifth ball, no runs coming there. He really has become a master of this short form of the game. He was considered liable to be expensive in Test cricket.


Hobart Hurricanes 6-119 (17.2)

Gulbis b Malinga 6

Classic Malinga slower ball, completely deceiving the batsman keen to hit hard. It swings in gently to middle and leg stump, long after Gulbis swings at it, and any momentum the Hurricanes had is gone.

Hobart Hurricanes 5-118 (17)

Malinga returns. 2-0-8-0 before he starts.

Hobart Hurricanes 5-118 (17)

Opener Paine says he was "just about to have some fun" when he got out, after having fought to re-establish the innings after Hobart consistently lost wickets.

Stryis wrestles a Wright short ball through mid-wicket for a boundary, then he backs away and bunts the slower short ball away from him to third man for consecutive fours. The powerful Kiwi is moving around the crease looking for an advantage.

Then came the ramp shot to a full-toss, which flies to a fine fine leg, bouncing once before crossing the rope. Big over for the Hurricanes.

Hobart Hurricanes 5-104 (16)
Gulbis 5

Styris 5

Paine c Maxwell b McKay 46 (46)

Gulbis nicks his first ball away for four, and steals a single on the legside with his second. Hobart needs resourceful batting now, with the set batsman Paine gone.


Hobart Hurricanes 5-99 (15.4)

Paine c Maxwell b McKay 46 (46)

Styris and Paine have little time to waste now, and have freedom to attack, with Styris backing away to try to disturb McKay's rhythm. But the big fast bowler's slower balls stymie them. Then Paine latches on to a short ball, and hits it hard and flat to deep square leg - where Maxwell takes a comfortable catch.

Tim Paine made 46 off as many balls.

Tim Paine made 46 off as many balls. Photo: Getty Images

Hobart Hurricanes 4-95 (15)

Warne's final over. He's been a weapon, not a liability, since Finch and Rohrer took to him in game one. Paine gets down to the third ball and drives it back over Warne's head for four. A flipper is the response, and its a half-tracker, which gets smashed over mid-wicket for six. Warne was in command for all but those two balls of his spell, which Warne says "is a bit annoying, actually". He wants to restrict Hobart to 150.

Hobart Hurricanes 4-80 (14)
Paine 30 no
Styris 2 no

DROPPED. Cameron White gets a second over after taking a wicket in his first. Styris smashes the first to Warne at shortish cover, and the captain can't hold on. White dropped two off Warne's bowling. White lands most of the over well, and earns more respectful shotmaking from Paine and Styris. Sometimes having a bowler who appears hittable is the best way to get a wicket in T20. Just five singles off the over.

Its a miserable game: Ricky Ponting of the Hurricanes leaves the field after being dismissed for eight.

Its a miserable game: Ricky Ponting of the Hurricanes leaves the field after being dismissed for eight. Photo: Getty Images

Hobart Hurricanes 4-72 (12)
Paine 26 no
Styris 0 no

McKay's hostile pace puts Paine on the back foot early in the over.

Hobart Hurricanes 4-72 (12)
Paine 26 no
Styris 0 no

Bailey C Faulkner by White 28 (26)


Hobart Hurricanes 4-71 (11.4)
Paine 25 no
Bailey C Faulkner by White 28 (26)

Warne brings occasional leggie White into the attack, and Paine is all but cleaned up by his first ball, as he goes dancing down to slog. The batting is little more convincing for the rest of the over, with mis-hits dominating despite aggressive intent.

The first well-hit ball is Bailey's sweep, brilliantly caught low down at deep backward square by Faulkner.

Hobart Hurricanes 3-65 (11)
Paine 22
Bailey 25


Superb leg break drifts, drops, and Bailey pokes a drive at it. Edge flies to White's left at slip and refuses to stick as he dives. Warne says he should have got the first one, but that chance was very tough. Last ball also hit in the air after being mistimed towards mid-off. Great spell so far from the skipper.

Hobart Hurricanes 3-60 (10)
Paine 20
Bailey 23

Big cover drive off Faulkner yields a boundary early in the over for Bailey, as the partnership begins to build. Then a superbly-timed square cut splits the infield and beats the third man for a second boundary. All orthodox cricket shots from Bailey. 12 off the over, easily the best for the Hurricanes.

Hobart Hurricanes 3-48 (9)

Warne's second over is also played quietly by the Tasmanians, as they seek to accumulate before a late onslaught. Warne indicates he will bowl a slower fuller ball, and it induces and edge from a cut by Bailey, dropped by White at slip as he goes to his left.

Warne has bowled well since his disastrous tournament opener against the Renegades.

Hobart Hurricanes 3-43 (8)
Paine 17
Bailey 10

With three men on the leg side boundary for medium pacer Faulkner, the Stars look content to restrict boundaries, believing they have the upper hand. Bailey and Paine are busy rebuilding, and are reluctant to take too many risks yet with easy runs on offer for safe shots.

Hobart Hurricanes 3-41 (7)
Paine 14
Bailey 7

Warne comes on for his now customary seventh over - the first after the powerplay - when the field can be spread. He vows to bowl more quickly tonight, and the batsmen treat him with respect, nudging ones and twos into the dispersed field. The final ball is late cut down the gully for two - only six off the over.

Hobart Hurricanes 3-35 (6)
Paine 8
Bailey 10

Malinga-the-slinga returns, and the dot balls pile up - the first two are slower balls which deceive Bailey, and the third, pushed through mid-wicket, nearly led to a run-out. Just three off until the final ball, which is a shocker - wide and short down the leg side, and Bailey gets some glove on it to help the ball to the boundary for four. Malinga 0-8 off two overs.


Hobart Hurricanes 3-28 (5)

Shah LBW b Faulkner 1 (3)

Shah persisit in walking across in front of his stumps, but makes the mistake of missing the ball when swiping across the line - some verities of batting apply no matter the format. Looked plumb. Hobart in big trouble - the pitch looks fine.

Hobart Hurricanes 2-24 (5)

Left-arm quick James Faulkner takes up duties for the fifth over, Warne holding back trump Malinga now that there have been a couple of quiet overs, and two key wickets. Owais Shah is the other key batsman for the Hurricanes, and the next most prized wicket after the recently departed Birt.


Hobart Hurricanes 2-23 (4)

Birt c Handscomb b McKay

Trying to pull, Birt skied the ball straight up, and very high. Keeper Handscomb waited underneath. Big blow for Hobart, its main hitter gone early, and two quiet overs in a row.

Hobart Hurricanes 1-20 (3)

Malinga troubled Paine with his first two balls, the second of which brought an LBW appeal - (he inside edged it). Third ball was a searing, straight bouncer, which forced evasive action. Stars captain Warne, from on-field, says Malinga has "fitted in beautifully" with the team. There were two slower balls, and only one run off the bat.

Hobart Hurricanes 1-19 (2)

Here comes Malinga for the third over. He's a cult figure, not just because he goes his own way, but because he makes so much happen. Strong reaction from the small crowd to the Sri Lankan slinger.

Hobart Hurricanes 1-19 (2)

An eventful over! Ponting gone with the first ball, and a subsequent bouncer flew over the keeper's head for four wides. McKay bowled with aggression, but the run-rate is reasonable after two overs.


Hobart Hurricanes 1-13 (1.3)

Ponting c Faulkner b McKay 8

The first ball from a paceman induces a top-edge from Ponting, and the ball goes high to mid-wicket. Just-retired Test star Ponting's woes continue in the domestic sphere. That brings T20 master Travis Birt to the crease, and he hammers his second ball through the covers in commanding fashion.

Hobart Hurricanes 0-9 (1)

Ponting sweps a ball that drifts into his pads over square leg, and the Hurricanes get their first boundary. An earlier cover drive yielded three. The experiment of bowling Maxwell first maybe not a success. More conventional attack from the other end, with quick Clint McKay taking the new ball.

Live Big Bash T20 league coverage, Melbourne Stars v Hobart Hurricanes, MCG, 7pm.

After some weird and not-so-wonderful weather this week, it is sunny and mild in Melbourne as this clash of the tournament favourites commences.

Hobart is batting first in the twilight at the G, with ex-Aussie keeper Tim Paine partnering Ricky Ponting. They will be facing offie Glenn Maxwell.

Brad Hodge is the key batsman at the top of the Stars order, but Luke Wright can be just as destructive.

Brad Hodge is the key batsman at the top of the Stars order, but Luke Wright can be just as destructive. Photo: Getty Images

Key players:

Brad Hodge. The prolific former  Victoria star was in ominous form before being run out at Etihad Stadium against the renegades. He is a short-form master and can win a game off his own bat.
Lasith Malinga. The Sri Lankan quick has been the standout bowler of the tournament so far, with a tight spell against the renegades followed by an extraordinary 6-7 against perth. No-one has time to pick up his variations, and his swinging yorker and slower ball are two of the biggest weapons in T20.

Travis Birt. Last year's dominant Big Bash batsman was again a match-winner in Hobart's first game. After a slow start, his power and decision-making helped guide the Hurricanes home.
Xavier Doherty. The left-arm tweaker is one of the world's most controlling slow bowlers in short-form cricket, his control and variations of pace often tying up the biggest hitters.

AAP reports that former Test all-rounder Steve Smith is keen to once again take up the bowling cudgels...

An extended break from bowling has helped former Test allrounder Steve Smith rediscover his natural rhythm at the crease. Smith, who had played Test, one-day and Twenty20 cricket for Australia by the age of 21, noted in the pre-season that batting would be his priority this summer. The 23-year-old, one of many to be lugged with the ‘most promising Australian spinner since Shane Warne’ tag in his youth, sent down just 11 overs in the first half of the Sheffield Shield season.Smith not only stopped thinking about the art of spin, he recently took the unusual step of not bowling for almost a month. The early signs are positive and Smith feels ready to let rip for the Sydney Sixers if given the chance in the Big Bash League.

Tasmanian Richmond star Jack Riewoldt is the celebrity spruiker for the Hurricanes, clad in its rather fetching purple. The hangers-on don't seem to have to do more than watch the cricket amongst the players, get their photo taken, and do a couple of interviews about their love of cricket.


George Bailey, Tim Paine, Doug Bollinger, Travis Birt, Xavier Doherty, Evan Gulbis, Michael Hogan, Jason Krejza, Ben Laughlin, Ricky Ponting, Owais Shah, Scott Styris, Jon Wells

Shane Warne, Jackson Bird, James Faulkner, Peter Handscomb, Scott Henry, Brad Hodge, Dave Hussey, Clint McKay, Lasith Malinga, Glenn Maxwell, Rob Quiney, Cameron White, Luke Wright