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Live cricket commentary: Australia v West Indies, 3rd ODI, Manuka Oval

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So a great night for Canberra with the Aussies winning, Watto getting a hundred and the full-house sign on at Manuka Oval! More than 11,500 fans packed into the ground - more than they managed in Perth! Well done the Berra, give yourself a pat on the back....

what a shot!

Shane Watson gets the man-of-the-match award for his 122 off 111 balls, which set up the Aussies' win. He was an easy choice really...


And that's it! Australia wins the first ever ODI in the nation's capital, history in the making. The Aussies were far too strong with both bat and ball, although Pollard's efforts in the field might have given the visitor's the edge there. The Aussies win by 39 runs.

Australia 7-329 Watson 122, Hughes 86, Sammy 2-49, Narine 2-55

West Indies 290 Darren Bravo 86, Dwayne Bravo 51, Faulkner 4-48



Another fine cameo by Andre Russell comes to an end for 43, after his breathtaking 54 in the PM's game. He's looking a good pick-up for the Delhi Daredevils at $450,000!

Sammy has taken over where Russell left off, smashing Johnson for a massive six down the ground...

West Indies 8-287 off 46.3 overs, Sammy 7, Narine 0

So that's what a preying mantis dancing to techno music looks like! Thanks Channel 9. Obviously Ramnaresh Sarwan thought it was pretty amazing as he's bowled next ball by Johnson! We're just playing the game out now...

West Indies 7-265 off 44.2, Sammy 1, Russell 29

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Is this the start of the Russell show? launches one straight down the ground off Faulkner. Can he produce a repeat of his innings from the PMs game?

West Indies 6-248 off 41.5, they need 82 off 49 to win...

A direct hit from Mitchell Johnson has put the game on ice as Pollard is run out for 9. If the gravity challenged lady isn't singing she's certainly warming up...

West Indies 6-234 off 40.1 overs, Sarwan 0, Russell 11


Now Bravo is gone! Odds of an Aussie victory getting towards Black Caviar standards...



And there go the Australia Day fireworks! The ACT Government told me they'd all been ruined by the torrential rain that day...

Darren Bravo has really stepped it up since his brother got out, but the crowd is waiting for Gayle to explode...but he's been clean bowled, bringing Pollard to the crease. One slogger enters as another one leaves...

Windies 4-214 off 37.1 overs, Bravo 86, Pollard 0


Not that hard for the big Mitchell Starc as he scatters Dwayne Bravo's stumps, out for 51. Looks like the "structured player management" rotation policy that kept Starc out of the attack for a while has worked wonders yet again! And a huge roar as Gayle comes to the crease! And the Windies have taken the batting powerplay. Getting ready for some catches Canberra!

Windies 3-195 off 35 overs, Gayle 0, Darren Bravo 70

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This partnership is building nicely as Darren smashes a big six straight down the ground. The Aussies are starting to get desperate for a wicket now, which is easier said than done on the Manuka road...

West Indies 2-194 off 34.3 overs, Dwayne 51, Darren 70


Now Dwayne has made it a Bravo family double of 50s!

Windies 2-181 off 32.3, Dwayne 50, Darren 59

The excitement of the Decision Review System! Will he be, won't he be out? The suspense is killing me...and missed it by miles, another wasted review unless you call getting the wide call changed worthwhile...

Maybe part of Shane Warne's manifesto to fix cricket needed to include having a DRS coach for the Aussies coz they pretty much suck at challenging decisions? which one of Warney's mates should get that job?

Windies 2-167 off 30.5, Darren 54, Dwayne 41


Using that much fabled guideline referred to by one of our readers earlier of doubling the total after 30 overs, the Windies are right on track! Oh, and Darren Bravo has his 50...

West Indies 2-161 off 29.3 overs, Dwayne 37, Darren 52

what a shot!

Dwayne looking to open the shoulders, slashing Johnson over point for 4...

West Indies 2-133 off 25.2 overs, Dwayne 25, Darren 37

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And we're into the drifting part of a one-day game. Feel free to grab a drink and come back for the last 10 overs. Will the Windies get the runs from here or have they let the run rate get too big? It's up over seven runs needed an over...

Windies 2-123 off 23.2 overs, Dwayne 16, Darren 35

George Bailey has come off due to a tight hamstring. Conspiracy theorists will no doubt say it's because he's not from NSW...


Wicket! Powell tries to paddle one around the corner but just balloons it straight to Matthew Wade, out for 47...

Windies 2-81 over 16.4, Dwayne Bravo 0, Darren Bravo 12

And nearly a run out there, if Watson had've hit Powell was gone by a mile, but he gets home...

Thank goodness! The beach ball that almost took the eye out of several members of the crowd has been confiscated by security...

West Indies 1-64 off 13 overs, Powell 35, Bravo 7

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