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Live: Day four, first Ashes Test, England v Australia, Trent Bridge

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And that's stumps on day four. Incredible turn of events in the final session has put England in a dominant position. But while Agar is around, anything is possible. Australia will resume play tomorrow on 6-174, requiring another 137 runs to win with Haddin unbeaten on 11 and Agar on 1. Thanks for all the comments tonight, we didn't quite crack the double century but it was a fair knock nonetheless. Join Jesse Hogan tomorrow as Australia search for an unlikely victory. Goodnight.

You can't help but be impressed by this kid. Agar looks as solid in defence as any of our batsmen.

It's just 22 minutes of survival now. If Australia don't lose another wicket, you'd think this one will go into day five. But if they lose a wicket there's no doubt the extra half hour will be added on and we could have a result tonight. Haddin and Agar just need to survive and come back tomorrow to pull off a miracle.

Australia barely hanging on. Haddin inside edges one but Prior puts it down. Agar to the rescue again?

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Phil Hughes is gone! Umpire says not out then England review and Hughes has to go after being caught in front for 0. Dear oh dear. Things are falling apart for Australia. Enter Ashton Agar. Australia have lost 3-3.


WICKET! Swann gets rid of Smith the next ball. Australia in massive trouble now with a team hat-trick for England. Australia 5-161.


This is a huge call. A tiny mark on the bat and Clarke is out. WOW. Broad gets rid of the Aussie skipper and leaves them without a review for the rest of the innings. Australia now 4-161 with Hughes on his way to the middle. Clarke was dismissed for 23 off 70 balls. Steve Smith is unbeaten on 17.

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Clarke is given out caught behind. He's going to review it. Big moment.

Australia are now almost half way to victory. 3-155 with another 156 needed for victory. A wicket now could change the entire match. If they get through to stumps without losing a wicket, you'd almost say Australia will go on and win it tomorrow.

Steve Smith survives another big shout. He comes down the wicket and the ball flies off his pad to short leg. It was very close to the gloves but England decided against reviewing it. Again, they make the right decision.

Huge shout from England for a LBW on Steve Smith. The umpire gives it not out, and they decided against challenging it. Good decision from Cook because hawk-eye shows the ball hitting him outside of the line. Smith survives. He moves to 8 from 32 balls.

Not good signs for England. They can't afford for Clarke to get in. He's just starting to look comfortable, and we all know what happens when he gets comfortable ... he scores centuries. He's got 16 from 43 balls.

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Exquisite cover drive from Smith to get off the mark. He's come a long way over the last 12 months. He was one of Australia's best in India and is setting himself up for a smiliar series in England. A much improved player who will never look pretty but is becoming a consistent run-getter.


WICKET! Extremely soft dismissal for Rogers. He's been exceptionally gritty this innings but he's chipped a ball off his pad to mid-wicket for catching practice. James Anderson picks up his first wicket of the innings. Rogers is gone for 52 off 121 balls and Australia are now in trouble at 3-124. Is it time to send in Agar? Nope, Steven Smith comes in.

The ball is starting to reverse nicely for England. This is a tough time for Michael Clarke to come into bat. Anderson has it moving both ways while Broad has it coming in at him.

Big shout from England for LBW on Rogers from a ball that stayed very low. They decide against reviewing it, and wisely so, because Cowan got a big inside edge on that one. He's 50 from 106 balls, Clarke is two from three.

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