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Live: South Africa v Australia, First Test Day 2

And the rain is here. Day two is over thanks to the weather, but it was clearly Australia's day. 

After pulling Australia close to 400 this morning, our mustachioed hero took four of the six wickets, and took a blinding catch in a fifth. What a player. And a huge congratulations to Steve Smith for getting his century after batting so well yesterday.

It all depend on AB de Villiers, you would think. He's past 50 and has long been a thorn in Australia's side. What will happen tomorrow? I guess we'll see.

Until then give us all your thoughts on twitter at @SMHSport or myself, @TheMattBungard - goodnight! 


Another thunderbolt from Mitch! this one pops up off Peterson's armguard but falls safely.

Meanwhile, the weather is looking ominous..

Petersen has taken Johnson for a couple of boundaries so far...the Proteas will need him to hit a few more! 

Short ball to de Villiers and that's caught him flush on the forearm as he was trying to pull. No armguard either. The trainer is out..

Great stat from our own Jesse Hogan. de Villiers really is dependable. 


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de Villiers with a single, and that's his 50. Very solid display from him amidst the chaos.

WICKET!!! JOHNSON AGAIN!!!! Straight through the forward defense of McLaren and scatters the stumps all over the place - as clean bowled as you'll see! 

Another big shout!! Aleem Dar again doesn't move despite a big noise - replays show it was back leg, not bad. No referral from Australia, definitely for the best. 

McLaren steadies the nerves as he gets off the mark with a lovely drive for four! 

WICKET!! Duminy gone as he tries to belt Lyon again, gets it all wrong but it was still left to Johnson to take a brilliant catch!! He back-pedalled about 10 metres before taking a one handed grab over his head!! The man can do it all! 

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A short ball from Siddle is pulled away to the boundary by de Villiers, bringing up 100 for South Africa! 

Duminy steps down the wicket and lofts Lyon over the fence with an on drive! 

Duminy late on that legside ball! Haddin likes it, goes up but neither bowl Harris or umpire Dar are sure. Not out. 

Four more de Villiers - He's up to 35 now! 

Another shout!!! Harris likes it but Aleem Dar doesn't move - no appeal from the Aussies. Let's see what Hawkeye says...not out. Good call. 

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Emphatic shot from de Villiers! Driven back up the ground for four! 

We're back underway, Mitchell Johnson to start us off...

And that's tea. 

Wow, what a session for Australia. South Africa really up against it here. Let's see what happens in the last session.

de Villiers sends one to the boundary - he really is key now...

And here's the replay...that looks out!! The second noise was the other pad, not the bat and you would think that's going to be overturned!!

OUT is the decision!! Huge breakthrough and Amla goes for 17! South Africa in all sorts! 

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