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South Africa v Australia, Third Test, Day 4

David Warner gets ready to play a stroke in front of AB de Villiers and Graeme Smith.
David Warner gets ready to play a stroke in front of AB de Villiers and Graeme Smith. Photo: Getty Images

The clock hits 6pm as that Johnson over finishes and that is stumps.

Great stuff from Australia, but from a South African standpoint, to finish the day just four down after that horrific start to the innings, they might fancy their chances of survival. And with Faf still to come and de Villiers at the crease, anything is possible. 

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Abbott is in as night-watchman, no Faf as of yet. Interesting...


Amla is fooled by the late movement, it catches him on the knee roll...CALL STANDS!! 

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Pattinson strikes!!! But we're going upstairs! 

Eight overs left in the day...will we see a breakthrough? 

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That looked to be hitting, it caught him on the back pad...but it pitched outside leg so will stay not out. 

I really hate that rule. That was hitting the stumps but Amla stays.  

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There's a a big, big shout!!! Dar says no...but we're going upstairs, says Michael Clarke! 

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The crowd go ballistic at that boundary! Such is the lack of action at the moment. Great drive from Amla. 

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And his first ball is short and wide, cut powerfully through point by Amla. 

Mitch is back into the attack. A wicket or two would be nice...

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And after 26.4 grueling overs, South Africa have reached 50. 

Big shout from Watson, but it looked to be going down leg. No review. 

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Amla finally lashes out, and it rolls away through the covers.

I agree, but I can't blame them...

Well, the run rate is almost going backwards, but nothing is happening. In comes Steve Smith. Can he get the breakthrough? 

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I think we're all wondering this. He's the key, for sure.

And Nathan Lyon will join him at the other end...

Pattinson coming into the attack, after 13 overs of Harris/Johnson havoc. 

Well, I'd say most of the people who voted on this poll will be changing their tune..

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