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Decision a blow for Breen

Adelaide Track Classic officials' decision to run the women's 100-metre final into the wind cost Melissa Breen a chance at posting a world championships A-qualifier on Saturday.

Breen easily won the final with a time of 11.59 seconds, nearly half a second faster than second-placed Ashleigh Whittaker.

It meant Breen was 0.31s outside posting an A-qualifier for the Moscow world championships in August.

The track was set up to allow the final to be run either up wind or down, but officials inexplicably opted to send the sprinters into a wind of minus 1.7 metres per second.

With a maximum reading of 2.0 metres per second allowed for a time to count, it would have been a handy tailwind if the race was run in the opposite direction.

Breen was left scratching her head by the decision.


''Turn [the direction] around and that would have been perfect to run a fast 100 in, so a bit disappointing in that sense,'' she said.

''I'm very happy with how I ran; the time's irrelevant when you have to run into a headwind, but it's a great time in those conditions.

''It's kind of like 'what could have been?' in a sense if we ran the other way.''

The world championships was one of three goals Breen has on her horizon, with defending her national 100m title in April her second.

But the immediate goal is enjoying a ''pay day'' at the $15,000 Stonnington Gift, where first across the line of the 100m event wins $10,000.

''Obviously one of the reasons I do pro running is to make money,'' Breen said with a laugh.

''It's quick cash and it's obviously good training as well, getting three or four hit-outs in a day - although you can do that in training but nothing's quite the same as racing.

''It gives you the chance to compete under pressure and chase down girls.''

Breen said she felt in better shape now than she did at this time last year when she was trying to qualify for the London Olympic Games.

The 22-year-old said she was still in a heavy training period, so to run a B-qualifier of 11.34s at the ACT Athletics Championships last week was hopefully an indicator of a good year ahead.