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The men behind Ricciardo

Key Red Bull team members on how they will help Daniel Ricciardo go faster.


Race engineer

Age: 33. Nationality: British.

How did you get into formula one? "After completing a masters degree in automotive engineering, I started working in vehicle dynamics at the Renault formula one team in 2004."

Role: Race engineer.


Daniel Ricciardo's strengths? "He is certainly quick, which is a good starting point. He also has a great attitude and seems calm under pressure. We will find out more from him as his first race weekend with us unfolds."

Where do you see work to do? "We had a troubled period of pre-season testing and our current performance level is not where we want it to be. We have taken measures to improve reliability and performance, and will keep developing through the first few races of the season."

What is the one thing you can do that will make a difference? "My aim is to prepare the car and driver as well as possible for qualifying and the race, leaving no stone unturned and nothing to chance."

After working with Mark Webber, has Ricciardo taught you something new about Australians? "Both of them are thoroughly decent blokes, which makes working with them a pleasure."


Senior garage technician

Age: 38. Nationality: British.

How did you get into F1? "When I left the army in 1999, my cousin advised me to apply for a job at Benetton, I got the job and here I am – four different teams later at Infiniti Red Bull Racing."

Role: "I'm in charge of a good group of guys, responsible for transporting the garage and equipment around the world and getting it ready for the guys to race. I also look after the drivers' kits, making sure they have everything they need to do their job and making sure they are comfortable."

Ricciardo's strengths? "Daniel's always smiling, he has a lot of energy and he is up for it! He's a confident guy who enjoys a joke and some banter. That is essential in this sport, as it challenges you all the time."

Where do you see work to do? "The start of the season is always tough until we find our feet – lots of hours, lots of work. And when it's tough, you need to be positive, organised and chirpy. You need to keep morale up when you're tired and things aren't going your way. You need to keep your chin up and get on with it. Red Bull is good at that."

What's the one thing you can do that will make a difference? "Being organised and professional – we like to look good, both on the track and in the garage, so presentation is a must, and we will be making sure we look good this year."

After working with Webber, has Ricciardo taught you something new about Australians? "I have always said if I could move, it would be to Australia; the people are warm, friendly and, most of all, laid-back. In the frenzy of F1, it's a welcome place to visit after the mayhem of testing and a great place to start the race season."


Race engineering co-ordinator, driver development manager

Age:43. Nationality: British.

How did you get into F1? "I qualified as an electronics engineer, working at Cosworth initially, then got lured into motor sport in BTCC [British Touring Car Championship]. We won the championship and progressed through rally, sports cars and, eventually, naturally progressed to F1. I have worked with the Arrows team, Jaguar team, Infiniti Red Bull Racing."

Role: "Two roles! At the track, I manage the engineers as race engineering co-ordinator, while advising Christian Horner on the pit wall during the test/race sessions. At the factory, I manage the development of the young drivers with the simulator tools as driver development manager."

Ricciardo's strengths? "He's proven he's a fast driver. When I first tested him in the simulator in 2009, he was one of the best at adapting to what was then a difficult tool. He has the ability of being able to keep calm under difficult circumstances, and gives good feedback to help describe the car balance, which is imperative for the team's development."

Where do you see work to do? "Daniel has already been accepted by the team and has a personality which people are at ease with. He's been about as a junior driver for many years, so we all know Daniel. We still need to see how he will fare against Sebastian [Vettel] in a competitive environment. He qualifies well and has improved his race performance over the past couple of seasons. All these areas will need to be pushed in the future."

The one thing you can do that will make a difference? "Keep things calm. Understand the facts and ensure clear communication."

After working with Webber, has Ricciardo taught you something new about Australians? "Australians are fairly acceptable to situations. As I say, Daniel can race, he's proven this and has the fighting spirit, technical ability and determination to win races, and he's still pretty laid-back."