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Owner fined for photo row at track

Canberra greyhound stewards have found dog owner Jeremy Osborne guilty of calling a committee member a cheat, but concede photo-finish technology at the track needs to be improved to protect race integrity in the future.

Osborne was fined an undisclosed amount at a steward's inquiry on Thursday for a heated exchange with Canberra Greyhound Club chairman Ashley Dwyer last Sunday.

Police were called to the incident, but it was deemed not serious enough for them to attend.

Dwyer declined to comment when contacted and said the club will issue a media release either Friday or Saturday on the outcome of the inquiry.

The altercation stemmed from the result of race four at the Canberra track and the allegedly unclear photo finish.

Osborne's dog Carwoola Jonte was ruled to have come second after a tight finish with Mundi Zarr on the line.


The photo produced to determine the winner did not have a superimposed finishing line and did not clearly show the winner's post.

With the photo unclear, Osborne's passion boiled over and he called Dwyer a cheat.

There were also allegations of a threat of physical violence and witnesses were present at the inquiry, but stewards cleared Osborne of any wrongdoing in that aspect. Osborne feared he faced a ban from the track.

While he regretted the incident and admitted to the verbal altercation, Osborne hoped some good would come of the issue and technology at the Symonston track.

''The stewards were good about it all and said the photo finish technology needs improving,'' Osborne said.

''They acknowledged in the hearing that [the photo finish] was unclear and a steward not from Canberra said they need to look at the lighting at the track.

''I thought it was a bit of a beat-up. I made a comment that I shouldn't have and I got punished for that.

''But to say there were threats of physical violence is laughable and the stewards said that when they said not guilty.''

The altercation occurred in the betting ring and Dwyer lodged an official complaint against Osborne.

Osborne was shocked when told the complaint was for alleged physical violence in what he described as a school-yard squabble.

Osborne accepted his dog was beaten, but he is keen to see the technology improved.