World No.3 Adam Scott has revealed that he broke his hand during a night on the town - London town - more than three weeks ago.

Scott and some mates went to a bar in Fulham to watch the European Champions League final on TV, and he was leaning on his car afterwards when a friend accidentally closed the door on his right hand.

"It hurt a lot obviously but I went out for a little bit more and then went home to bed. I woke up the next day and it was ridiculously swollen, so I took myself to hospital," said Scott, speaking after shooting a respectable two-over-par 73 in the opening round at the US Open.

He was diagnosed with a broken bone above his little finger, and returned to Australia for a second opinion, where he was told the hand would eventually heal itself, and that he could continue to play sparingly in the meantime.

"It's broken under the knuckle," Scott continued. "I've been doing intensive therapy and rehab to get ready for here. Obviously the bone hasn't healed yet but I've got enough strength to play."

Scott had no chance to ease back into competition quietly, not playing with the world's top two players, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at Torrey Pines.

And while Scott was beaten, for one day at least, by Mickelson (71) and Woods (72), he was perhaps the tidiest from tee to green.

"I've played with Phil a lot in majors and I enjoy playing with Tiger as well," Scott said. "I find it a little easier to focus and I played really well today and didn't make any putts, so my game didn't feel too bad.

"Two-over's good. It's a long week and it won't be far away from the winning score on Sunday."