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Barton ban extends to French football

English midfielder Joey Barton on Thursday saw his match ban offically rolled over to his French football stint with Marseille.

Barton is currently serving a 12-match ban after being found guilty of two charges of violent conduct while playing for QPR in the 3-2 defeat to Manchester City on the last day of the last English season.

And it was confirmed that Barton, on a year loan from Queens Park Rangers to the Mediterranean club, will sit out nine Ligue 1 or League Cup matches in France, in accordance with FIFA transfer rules.

The ruling came on the same day that Barton issued a dinner invitation to Frenchman Ousmane Dabo, who was left needing hospital treatment after a violent clash in training when they were at Manchester City five years ago.

"If Ousmane wants to come to a Marseille game, have dinner and discuss it like adults, he's more than welcome anytime. For me now, its over!" tweeted Barton.

Barton was reacting to an interview Dabo afforded L'Equipe newspaper in which he called the English player "very violent".

"Thats all I have to say about this chap. I have moved on. Je suis fatigu de cette discussion (I'm tired of this discussion)," said Barton.

"I see Dabo is yet to move on, I feel for him. What happened was unfortunate. Next time he should think twice about throwing his weight about."