It’s not only in the NRL where the officials are coming up with costly blunders.

While nowhere near on the same scale as the seventh tackle farce which cost the North Queensland Cowboys their season, the amateurs from the ANU State League 9 men’s soccer team copped a shocker of a decision in Sunday’s grand final loss to Belconnen United.

ANU scored from the penalty spot and were celebrating on their way back to the half-way line, only for the referee to unbelievably wave the goal away, because the Belconnen United goalkeeper encroached off his line.

Watch it here.

The goal should have been allowed to stand.

Instead, the referee gave a goal-kick to Belconnen United to the dismay of everyone at the ground.

To make matters worse, ANU went on to lose the game 2-1.

ANU could conceivably put a request into Capital Football for the game to be replayed if it’s decided the decision was crucial in the result.

In a statement, Capital Football chief executive Heather Reid said the incident would be looked into.

‘‘We have received an official complaint from ANU FC that will be dealt with accordingly,’’ Reid said.

It’s the latest in a string of blunders by referees across several codes.

The under-20s Canberra Raiders were fuming after an off-side call against the Canterbury Bulldogs wasn’t detected in their 27-26 loss in the Holden Cup qualifying final on Sunday.