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Thai me Kangaroo down, Tom

He only joined giant Scottish club Celtic a week ago, but Canberra's soccer sensation Tom Rogic has already developed a cult-like following - in a classroom in Thailand, of all places.

Decked in the green and white hooped jerseys of Celtic, with a large poster of Rogic staring out from behind them, children from the Good Child Foundation in Thailand have already belted out an impassioned tribute song to the 20-year-old from Canberra.

To the tune of ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport’, the kids - affectionately dubbed the ‘Thai Tims’ - sing and dance to lyrics such as: ‘‘when you score for the Hoops, Tom, do the kangaroo hop’’.

It’s instant recognition for Rogic, who only finalised a four-and-a-half year deal with Celtic last week and is yet to make his debut for the top league team.

The ‘Thai Tims’ developed their love of the Celtic Football Club when Scottish teenager Reamonn Gormley taught English at the Good Child Foundation School school during a gap year.

Gormley, a huge Celtic fan, was able to connect with the kids by teaching them  tribute songs to players and the club.


Strengthening the school’s emotional link to Celtic, Reamonn, 19, was killed in a knife attack in his home town of Blantyre, Lanarkshire, in 2011.

The school is in the process of building a green and white memorial hall, which will carry the Celtic logo and Reamonn’s name.

The bond between Celtic and the school has also developed.

A group of 40 children from the school toured Scotland last year to perform at Celtic Park, players from the Scottish Premier League wearing jerseys that had  their names written in Thai.

The songs of the ‘Thai Tims,’ have been a big hit with Celtic FC supporters through videos posted on the internet.