Craig Stevens


Craig Stevens' act of mateship for Ian Thorpe still a pleasure

Daniel Lane Regardless of the weather, Athens Olympian Craig Stevens turns up to his ''office'', poolside at the Sans Souci Leisure Centre at 4.


Ian Thorpe struggling with life in the slow lane

Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett

Stathi Paxinos Grant Hackett had an inkling that something was not quite right with his great rival Ian Thorpe.


A week of trials and tribulations

Grant Hackett For many athletes, both young and experienced, this coming week of Olympic selection trials is where hopes and dreams will both be fulfilled, and shattered.

Grant Hackett

Olympic trials make or break

Grant Hackett.

Grant Hackett This coming week of Olympic selection trials is where hopes and dreams will be fulfilled, and shattered.

Sullivan sends a scare with back injury

Tom Wald Eamon Sullivan has sparked a scare through the Australian swim team before next month's Beijing Olympics by aggravating a back injury in Sydney.

Best Aussie swim team I've seen: Hackett

By Todd Balym Team captain Grant Hackett says Australian swimming is the strongest he's seen it in his lifetime.

Support me Kieren, says Hackett

By Tom Wald Grant Hackett has told former rival Kieren Perkins to back him and not question his massive workload in the lead up to next year's Beijing Olympics.

Stevo predicts rough open water tactics

By Tom Wald Craig Stevens has predicted seasoned open water campaigners to employ rough-house tactics on pool swimmers such as himself and Grant Hackett on Saturday.

Lenton wins award, Schipper steals show

By Todd Balym Libby Lenton was named swimmer of the year, but it was shy butterflyer Jessicah Schipper who received the biggest plaudits at swimming's night of nights.