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The Fitz Files

A fitting farewell for Daniel Vickerman

Big 'V": Dan Vickerman.

Ten years ago, TFF attended the funeral of the Wallaby great Trevor Allan, and was moved by a small episode that occurred when the moment came to carry his casket into the chapel of Northern Suburbs Crematorium.

NRL walking through a concussion minefield

Impact: Alex Gleen and Sam Tagataese clash heads during the Sharks v Broncos match.

Look, I'm actually not quite a failed law student. It's just that when I applied, at the end of 1981 to go to Sydney University's prestigious Law School on Philip St, the answer that came back from the Dean was that mine was one of the funniest applications he'd ever seen. And not in a good way . . .

My locker room confession

Illustration: John Shakespeare

I call bullshit. I refer to Donald Trump's defence, after his unwitting confession to committing sexual assault aired. You know the confession I mean.

Sport, a wondrous lover, cruel mistress

Muhammad Ali . Illustration: John Shakespeare

Yes, yes, yes ... we all know that sport can be a wondrous lover, keeping you warm on cold nights, thrilling you to the very cockles of your soul, and romancing you on lazy summer days.

McKinnon has every right to sue

Kurt Gidley helps Alex McKinnon onto the field

The news broke Monday morning. The former Newcastle Knights player Alex McKinnon, who has been left in a wheelchair for life because of an illegal tackle on him in 2014 – in a match against the Storm – has reportedly launched legal proceedings against the NRL and the player, Jordan McLean, who was tackler.