Any twit can tweet on twitter

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Nick Abrahams Though Twitter was born of a small thought that of a personal "dispatch service that connects us on our phones using text", it has quickly become a thriving haven for government bodies, media and...


Coca-Cola to pour more data into Microsoft

The NSA allegedly tapped the phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Lia Timson Coca Cola will switch on a number of cloud applications so that data can flow to its employees, sellers and even truck drivers.

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Taking control of the Twittersphere

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Sylvia Pennington Twitter has cemented its influence in business but who do you entrust your company Twitter image to?

Websites that woo customers

Vicki Takis

Julia Talevski Starting up your own business online is a tricky task. How do you get consumers to go to your website? How would they know that a business such as yours existed in the first place?

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Next wave may sweep all aside

Google Wave

Red pill in hand, Google is offering to show us how deep the rabbit hole goes with Google Wave.

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Twittering sport stars making their bosses anxious

Lote Tuqiri

Josh Jerga Rapidly growing practice among athletes across all sports that is causing anxiety among sports administrators.

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Benefits bolster the bottom line

Joris Luijke and Sarah Nguyen

Julia Talevski Fancy taking a holiday before you start your new job? How about free gourmet food for breakfast, morning tea and lunch.

Building your reputation online

Greg Muller, founder and MD of Bullseye.

Julia Talevski Paragraph upon paragraph of text, large picture files, heavy-handed Flash animations, generic stock-photo images and static content.

In the palms of their hands

women's clothing and goods retailer Penny Flanders

Julia Talevski Staying away from the office without getting the full extent of what's happening day-to-day in the business is a frightening thought for many small-business owners. But not for Paul Dane.