Astronomers discover Earth-like planet

Nicky Phillips Scientists are set to announce the discovery of a planet outside our solar system that is, so far, the closest contender for Earth 2.0.


This app uses a mathematical model to cure your jet lag

Jet lag image.

Deborah Netburn Scientists try to move getting over jet lag beyond your grandmother's advice - and they want your help.


NASA spacecraft to crash on moon soon

NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer spacecraft is pictured orbiting near the surface of the moon, in this artist's illustration.

Martin Weil The science spacecraft launched from Virginia's coast last year has been orbiting the moon for months and is about to conclude its mission with a crash into the lunar surface, authorities said.


Bad moon rising

Many faces: This combination photo shows the moon as it undergoes a total lunar eclipse.

Perry Vlahos Most of us have watched a sunrise. Few have seen a moon rise. Even fewer have witnessed a bad moon rising such as will be able to be seen at sunset on Tuesday, April 15.

How flies evade the swat

A Fly

Nicky Phillips If you’ve ever attempted to swat a fly, you may have puzzled over how easily their agile little bodies evade death. Well wonder no longer.


Send your own satellite into space for $1000

Satellite in space.

Quentin Hardy As the size and cost of satellites shrink, data from the heavens could be opened up.


Vast ocean found beneath ice of Saturn moon Enceladus

Marcia Dunn Scientists have uncovered a vast ocean beneath the icy surface of Saturn's little moon Enceladus.

Moon of Saturn has sea, could hold life: scientists

NASA illustration shows the possible interior of Saturn's moon Enceladus.

Kenneth Chang Inside a moon of Saturn, beneath its icy veneer and above its rocky core, is a sea of water the size of Lake Superior, scientists say.


Hubble spots comet heading towards Mars, spewing space dust

Siding Spring comet.

Deborah Netburn The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a comet spewing gas and dust into space as it zooms to a close encounter with Mars in October.


Malaysia Airlines search pushing satellite technology to limits

GENERIC. satellite and earth, 3d earth,stars and satellite, Satellite, Space, Earth, Global Positioning System, Global Communications, Communication, Planet, Technology, Star, Blue, Nebula, Computer Graphic, Nobody, Glowing, Space Exploration, Telecommunications Equipment, Horizontal, Outdoors, Three-dimensional Shape, Surveillance, Illustration and Painting, Three Dimensional

Mahesh Sharma The search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is pushing satellite technology to its limits, says an Australian satellite expert.


Scientists use Van Gogh's sunsets to understand climate


Shweta Iyer Sunset at Montmajour may provide vital clues about the Earth's atmosphere when Van Gogh painted it.


Rising Japanese scientist faked heralded stem cell research, lab says


Terrence McCoy The images of DNA fragments, the lab says, were either doctored or entirely fabricated.


Breakthroughs might mean end of animals testing

John Ericson Scientific advances, including microchips that mimic organs, may spare up to 25 million animals a year.


Soyuz technical hitch delays US-Russia crew's ISS docking

Lift off: The Russian Soyuz rocket blasts off from a launch pad at the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Stuart Williams A US-Russian three man crew face an unprecedented two-day delay in their docking with the International Space Station after their Russian Soyuz spacecraft suffered a technical glitch.


Dwarf planet 2012 VP-113 found in far reaches of solar system

Far, far away: An artist's impression of a distant Kuiper Belt object.

Amina Khan A newly-discovered planetoid's movements hint that an invisible giant planet could also be lurking in the far reaches of the solar system.


Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance scanned in 3D using CSIRO's Zebedee tool

3d mapping of the Shrine of Remembrance.

Bridie Smith It took just three hours to scan 80 years of history, bringing one of the city's most famous buildings into the digital age.


Russian spacecraft docks safely at ISS

The Soyuz TMA-12M spacecraft just a few metres away from docking to the International Space Station.

A Russian spacecraft carrying a three-man Russian and US crew has docked successfully at the International Space Station after an unprecedented two-day delay caused by a technical hitch.


Humans can sniff more than a trillion different smells, research shows


Will Dunham What does your nose know? A lot more than you might expect.


A fragmented approach to cancer may strengthen it


Alexander Nazaryan Radiologist using maths to study cancer believes science is helping the disease evolve to be stronger.


Abstract art: the nexus between science and creativity


Simon Cropper In the footsteps of the great painters of the last 500 years, art and artists are with science and scientists on the brink of what we know and what we do not.