James Manning on Science

Google's 360-degree tour of the deep blue sea

James Manning Take a Google-led tour of the Great Barrier Reef, courtesy of high-resolution, 360-degree images.

Tupac's performance was no hologram


James Manning The 'hologram' that allowed murdered rapper Tupac Shakur to steal the show at the Coachella music festival was a mere theatre trick that has existed for over 150 years.

Australia to miss out as billionaires shoot for the stars


James Manning Australia is cashing in on the resources boom on Earth but it's lagging behind in the race to the new mineral frontier ... space.

'We've observed a new particle': leaked video reveals apparent 'God particle' confirmation

Scientists believe they have found the location of the Higgs Boson

James Manning A video mistakenly posted online appears to confirm that scientists have discovered the elusive Higgs boson particle.