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Amanda Hoh

Amanda Hoh is a breaking news reporter and video journalist for Fairfax Media.


Connor Johnson, 6, petitions White House to save NASA programs

Amanda Hoh Connor Johnson has wanted to be an astronaut since he was three.


AFP and RBA websites suffer cyber attacks


Amanda Hoh The Australian Federal Police and the Reserve Bank have been victims of an apparent cyber attack.

Troll alert: 600,000 kids to learn about cyber safety

smh news. PM Julia Gillard launches the new cyber safety module developed by Life Education and McAfee, which will be delivered in over 3,200 schools across Australia supporting teachers and empowering children to be safe and respectful digital citizens Photo by Mike Szabath

Amanda Hoh A new cyber safety program will teach Australian middle-school students about cyberbullying, keeping passwords private and the dangers of posting embarrassing photos and videos online.