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Asher Moses is the Technology Editor for Fairfax Media. He started his own gadget review website more than a decade ago at age 14 and has since written for most of Australia's leading technology publications. He has twice been named Young Australian Online Journalist of the Year by the Walkley Foundation.


'Aussie mafia' strikes it rich in Silicon Valley

Asher Moses They're known as the "Aussie mafia" making some big waves in Silicon Valley - and now the serial entrepreneurs want to bring more of their countrymen along for the ride.

PC sales plunge as consumers look to tablets, smartphones


Asher Moses Personal computer sales have plummeted as consumers embrace portable devices such as smartphones and tablets and shift to web-based software.

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Building today's tech, tomorrow


Asher Moses Technology experts are sceptical of the Coalition's NBN plans.

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Mobile companies head to court over account suspensions

Kogan chief Ruslan Kogan.

Asher Moses Kogan Mobile, under fire over the suspension of hundreds of customer accounts, has filed a lawsuit against its major partner seeking to prevent further customers from being cut off.

Apple's poker app may be illegal here

 online apps

Asher Moses Apple Australia may be breaching federal online gambling laws by offering an app such as PokerStars, which allows Australians to bet on casino-style games with real money.

Google's wearable computer finds fans and foes

IMAGE SOURCE for Asher Moses SHOWS the Google Glass for THE SATURDAY AGE Pub date 23rd March 2013

Asher Moses Wearable computers are yet to hit the streets, but already they are creating controversy.

Apple blames rights holders for big mark-ups

An Apple Inc. logo is seen through raindrops on a window outside of the New York City flagship Apple store in New York, in this January 18, 2011 file photo. Nokia notched up a rare victory against arch-rival Apple as the iPhone maker agreed to settle a long-running row over patents. Nokia said on June 14, 2011 the deal would boost second-quarter earnings, having warned at the end of May that it would miss targets. Apple and Nokia have been locked in a legal tussle since October 2009, when Nokia sued Apple in the United States, arguing the iPhone-maker was getting a

Asher Moses Apple Australia boss Tony King has blamed content owners for the high prices Australians pay for digital media at the iTunes store in a rare public appearance in Canberra.

Through the looking glass into the future

Google Glass. image from Google. Story by Asher Moses.

Asher Moses They are known as wearable computers and are yet to hit the streets, but already they are creating controversy.

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Experts wary of e-cigarettes as test run looms

E-cigarette user Daniel Lucas's variety of e-cigarettes.
1st March 2013
Photo: Steven Siewert

Asher Moses The first Australian clinical trial of e-cigarettes as quit-smoking tools will kick off this year with support for the devices building, but the government and some public health experts remain wary.

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When Brendan proposed to Christie at Sydney Uni ... with a physics paper

Brendan McMonigal and Christie Nelan

Asher Moses When Sydney physicist Brendan McMonigal got down on one knee to propose to his partner of seven years, Christie Nelan, he pulled out a physics paper, not a ring.

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Underweb anger as Silk Road seller does a runner

silk road

Asher Moses The top Australian seller on underground online drug marketplace Silk Road has gone rogue and made off with tens of thousands of dollars, while several other Australian sellers appear to be missing...

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More firms targets of malicious cyber hits

Information Technology Generic Info Tech Computers Cyber Technology  ? Mayu Kanamori 2000 041 924 5036

Asher Moses A GROWING number of Australian organisations are the targets of cyber attacks, with more than a fifth of 255 major companies reporting being hit in the past year.

Privacy fears as drones move into mainstream


Asher Moses Media organisations have begun ramping up their use of drones, but privacy advocates warn of gross invasions in an age where virtually anyone can now operate an eye in the sky.

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Adobe cuts prices but still draws flak


Asher Moses Adobe has bowed to political pressure to reduce its Australian prices but the software maker has come under fire from consumer advocates for only cutting prices for certain products.

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Iran's 'laughable' fighter jet caught out in Photoshop blunder


Asher Moses Iran has been caught out in another Photoshop blunder in an effort to prove its purported stealth fighter jet is the real deal.

Mystery porn bug stumps Google


Asher Moses Google is trying to figure out the cause of a mysterious search bug that returns pages and pages of almost exclusively pornographic results.

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MPs to grill big IT firms

The Apple Inc. logo

Asher Moses IT COMPANIES including Apple, Microsoft and Adobe will be forced to appear before a federal parliamentary inquiry after they allegedly frustrated efforts to investigate high prices in Australia for...

Tech giants to face IT 'gouging' probe


Asher Moses IT corporations including Apple, Microsoft and Adobe will become the first companies to be forced to appear before a federal parliamentary inquiry after they frustrated efforts to get to the bottom...

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Facebook breaks the internet


Asher Moses Facebook briefly broke parts of the internet on Friday with users unable to access websites.

Fake ID site shut down after police raid

Fake ID

Asher Moses A fake ID site suspected of supplying proof-of-age cards to Australian under-18s has been shut down after a police raid.

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