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Asher Moses is the Technology Editor for Fairfax Media. He started his own gadget review website more than a decade ago at age 14 and has since written for most of Australia's leading technology publications. He has twice been named Young Australian Online Journalist of the Year by the Walkley Foundation.

Dodo takes blame for internet outage affecting millions

Ben Grubb and Asher Moses ISP Dodo played a role in causing the outage that affected millions of fixed-line and mobile internet connections across the country this afternoon, Dodo's chief has confirmed.

Social revolution coming to Australian TV


Asher Moses Your TV experience is about to get a whole lot more social, with government researchers partnering with the ABC to bring Twitter and Facebook integration to virtually any show on any channel.

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Flower site wilts under complaint deluge

ready flowers

Asher Moses Scores of complaints against an Australian online florist accused of ruining Valentine's Day surprises by failing to deliver has prompted co-ordinated action by fair trading bodies.

A mammoth deception: the real story behind Siberian 'sensation'


Asher Moses Two Australians - a “paranormal writer” and a documentary filmmaker - have locked horns over a hoax “woolly mammoth” video that started down under but quickly circled the globe, writes Asher Moses.

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Apple chief phones in a 'jaw-dropping' future

Asher Moses The iPhone has created a ''halo'' around the Mac and iPad that has made Apple the most valuable company in the world and sent its revenues skyrocketing, says Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, who...

Fears sports fans will be 'worse off' after copyright changes

Optus customers can watch AFL and NRL on a two-minute delay.

Asher Moses Knee-jerk changes to copyright law to appease the major sporting codes could prevent people from recording live sports and inhibit innovation in online services, copyright experts say.

Laptop-shooting father fights off fame and police

Dad who shot daughter's computer over Facebook comments.

Asher Moses Tommy Jordan's "tough love" parenting style has polarised the internet but despite a visit from police and child protection services he says he'd do it all again in a heartbeat, except wearing a...

What's in a LOL? YouTube ranks funniest videos

funny youtube

Asher Moses When laughing out loud online, are we more amused when we ''lollllll!!!!!!'' or ''looooooooolll''? Google reckons it has the answer and has come up with an algorithm to measure ''funny''.

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Alternative health poll exposes malaise


Asher Moses The manipulation of an poll has again thrown the spotlight on online voting.

The tech world in 2012

Predictions for 2012 - Technology (Thumbnail)

Asher Moses In 2012 gadgets will get even smaller, powerful and internet-connected.

Kevin v the world: reformed pirate sues tech giants for millions

kevin bermeister

Asher Moses In a case that experts say could run into the hundreds of millions, Sydney founder of Kazaa sues biggest names on the internet including Google and Amazon for patent infringement.

Facial recognition: the case for and against 'total surveillance'

Facial recognition

Asher Moses Is it the most significant policing technology since DNA testing or the next privacy disaster waiting to happen, setting us on the path towards, as The Guardian's editor puts it, "total...

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Facebook tracks you, even after leaving site


Asher Moses FACEBOOK is following you, even when you have logged out.

Google not guilty of deceit over car ads

The Google logo.

Louise Hall, Asher Moses THE consumer watchdog's claims that Google engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct by not adequately distinguishing between advertisements and regular search results has been dismissed by the...

Apple shaken to the core as charismatic leader says he's no longer man for the job

Steve Jobs

Patrick May, Asher Moses He almost single-handedly changed the way we live - how we communicate, how we enjoy music and how many of us work.

Software takes brain power out of hacking


Asher Moses EVEN if David ''Evil'' Cecil is guilty, he is not necessarily a hacking mastermind. Computer security professionals say breaking into websites and computer networks is now as simple as downloading...

Mine your machines: ABC probes security breach

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) logo.

Asher Moses An ABC IT worker is under investigation for reportedly dragging the public broadcaster into a virtual currency money-making racket.

Secret money: ABC virtual currency racket probe


Asher Moses An ABC IT worker has reportedly dragged the public broadcaster into a virtual currency money making racket and a "serious misconduct case" is underway.

Drugs paid for with virtual cash


Justin Norrie, Asher Moses A WEBSITE that handles the sale of drugs such as heroin, LSD and cannabis has been referred by the federal government to the online watchdog for blacklisting.

Drugs bought with virtual cash


Justin Norrie and Asher Moses A hidden online marketplace that offers drugs such as heroin, LSD and cannabis has become so popular that it can no longer meet demand from prospective buyers.