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Asher Moses is the Technology Editor for Fairfax Media. He started his own gadget review website more than a decade ago at age 14 and has since written for most of Australia's leading technology publications. He has twice been named Young Australian Online Journalist of the Year by the Walkley Foundation.

Mac porn hackers lay booby trap


Asher Moses Security experts have discovered two new pieces of malware targeting Apple computers, putting paid to the company's claims that Mac users do not have to worry about viruses and security software.

Activists demolish Steve Jobs's house plans


Asher Moses Apple founder appears to have met his match in the preservationists fighting his plans to knock down a historic Californian mansion.

Baby-swinging video uploader hires top barrister


Asher Moses A Queensland man facing child-abuse charges for republishing a video on the internet has gone to extraordinary lengths to clear his name.

Internet filter: $44.5m and no goal in sight


Asher Moses Government admits it has not developed any criteria to determine whether trials of its net censorship scheme are a success.

Amateur spies put North Korea on the map


Asher Moses A group of amateur spies has used Google Earth to provide a rare glimpse inside North Korea, one of the world's most secretive countries.

Illegal downloads soar as hard times bite


Asher Moses Hundreds of thousands more Australians have turned to illegal download sites in the past year to save money on movies, music and TV shows.

Optus admits false broadband advertising


Asher Moses Optus has been slashing broadband speeds to half the level advertised for customers who exceed their monthly download allowance.

World of Warcraft goes down the toilet


Asher Moses It's a video game addicts dream - a pod with a computer, a kitchen and a toilet.

Steve Jobs: too sick to fight for mansion's demolition


Asher Moses A week after Apple announced its iconic founder was ready to return from medical leave, Steve Jobs's lawyer said he was too sick to attend a council meeting.

US jury orders Microsoft to pay $500m to Australian inventor

Asher Moses WHEN Ric Richardson had a brainwave in 1993, it led him to develop technology that could deter software piracy.

More hardware problems plague Xbox 360


Asher Moses Just as criticisms of the "red ring of death" errors plaguing the Xbox 360 begin to die down, Microsoft's crash-prone console is hit with debilitating new problems.

Eight years too long to wait for vital boost: business


Alexandra Smith and Asher Moses A FASTER broadband network in Australia would provide a vital boost to the economy, but the eight-year timetable for creating the new network was too long, business groups have said.

Claims possible for power outage surge damage


Asher Moses People whose electronic devices failed as a result of the recent Sydney power outages may be eligible for compensation, EnergyAustralia says.

Facebook discipline may be illegal: expert

Busted ... These Californian KFC workers were fired for publishing these shots of them bathing in a KFC basin on MySpace.

Asher Moses Firms who discipline or sack staff for comments made on Facebook and Twitter could be acting illegally, says a veteran lawyer.

Conroy rapped for 'improper' iiNet gaffe

Stephen Conroy

Asher Moses The Communications Minister is under fire for potentially prejudicial comments he made about the legal battle between iiNet and the movie studios.

Your Facebook secrets: jobs under threat


Asher Moses Making seemingly private comments on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is now a sackable offence for some professions.

Conroy backtracks on internet censorship policy


Asher Moses Communications Minister begins distancing himself from his controversial internet censorship policy in what one engineer dubs "the great walkback of 2009".

Once were bums: viral web idea works wonders for homeless


Asher Moses In less than two months, Tim Edwards has gone from being a homelessbeggar in Texas to the most famous - and wealthiest - bum in America.

See through art project is just a big scan


Asher Moses An artist-cum-medical student combines his two passions to create a bizarre yet unique new style of artistic expression: radiology art.

'Caching error' caused Henson blacklisting


Asher Moses The communications regulator says a computer malfunction caused harmless Bill Henson images to be added to its blacklist, not an incorrect assessment of the content.