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Gates on tax, giving his kids only $10m - and still doing the dishes

Ben Grubb Microsoft chairman Bill Gates says that if governments want to tax Microsoft and other tech giants more they should just legislate for it to occur.


Amateur sleuths crack North Korean secrets

David Jorm.

Ben Grubb An online community of amateur satellite sleuths are gathering intelligence about North Korea by comparing historical differences in satellite imagery.

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Government accused of sneaking in web filter


Ben Grubb The federal government has been accused of sneaking mandatory internet filtering through the back door after it inadvertently blocked 1200 websites using a little-known law.

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Tech Talk

Samsung Galaxy S4 roadtest

Samsung Galaxy S4 roadtest (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Ben Grubb The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with innovative features, but are they just gimmicks? Ben Grubb finds out.


Online search tells market futures

Google speaker.

Ben Grubb Could Google searches reveal 'early warning' signs of sharemarket moves? Some think so.

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Online habits: what they feed you is all part of the equation


Ben Grubb Algorithms are dictating much of what we are shown on the internet - but is this a good thing? Ben Grubb delves into the secret world to find out.

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Distorted world view: how computers are doing our thinking for us

Ben Grubb Imagine for a moment an Airbus A380 aircraft configured with the ''perfect'' auto-landing algorithm. Every time the plane lands, it hits the same spot on a tarmac.

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Australia falls further behind in IT readiness


Ben Grubb Australia continues to fall in technology-ready global rankings because it is too risk-averse and conservative with IT spending.


Apple keeps warranty switch under wraps


Ben Grubb Apple's Australian stores will now fix faulty iPhones, iPads and Macs under warranty if they were purchased in the past two years - but don't expect the company's staff to tell you about it.

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Schools in the Cloud could teach children to teach themselves

Hole in the Wall computer.

Ben Grubb Sugata Mitra's 'hole-in-the-wall' computer in an Indian slum could spur an education revolution.

The email gaffe - how to control the damage

Gloria Modern Family.

Ben Grubb Sending an email to the wrong person or group can be embarrassing. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent such disasters.

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Vodafone faces class action by thousands of customers


Ben Grubb Lawyers launching a class action over claims Vodafone did not offer a reliable mobile phone network will seek ''tens of millions'' of dollars on behalf of thousands of customers.

Vodafone hit with class action

Vodafone hit with class action (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Ben Grubb Sasha Ivantsoff, the partner leading the action for Piper Alderman, explains how to register in the class action against Vodafone.


Vodafone faces multimillion-dollar class action


Ben Grubb Lawyers launching a class action over claims Vodafone did not offer a reliable mobile phone network will seek "tens of millions" of dollars on behalf of thousands of customers.

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Melbourne council computer made 'controversial' edits to Wikipedia page

Occupy Melbourne Protest.

Ben Grubb Occupy Melbourne's official Wikipedia page was edited twice by a person using a City of Melbourne computer to remove contentious words in the lead-up to the re-election of Liberal lord mayor Robert...

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Apps and email aside, working at home not a good idea, says Google

Working from home

Ben Grubb GOOGLE believes working at home, or teleworking, is not the best environment for ideas to flourish.


Adobe has its head in the clouds over pricing

Shantanu Narayen, president and chief executive officer of Adobe.

Ben Grubb The federal government has no hope of getting tech companies to bring down the cost of many goods and services with its IT pricing inquiry if comments by Adobe's CEO are anything to go by.

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Adobe chief dodges questions over pricing

Shantanu Narayen, president and chief executive officer of Adobe.

Ben Grubb It's cheaper to fly to the US and back and buy some of Adobe's software there than it is to buy it in Australia. But that doesn't appear to faze Adobe's global chief executive Shantanu Narayen.

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Why Google will pay Apple $1b in 2014

Ben Grubb Google is expected to pay Apple $US1 billion in 2014 to keep as the default search engine on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, according to Morgan Stanley.

Critics question Telstra's motives on P2P throttling

A few telstra generic photos. For AFR yarn on broadband.  Telstra; photo paul jones; 090415; afr news. SPECIALX 00087532

Ben Grubb A trial by Telstra that will slow the speed of peer-to-peer (P2P) services, commonly used for distributing movies and music online, has been met with strong criticism.

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