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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Global stilling wins PM's top science prize for ANU Professor Farquhar

Emma Macdonald An ANU scientist has won the Prime Minister's Prize for Science for his discovery that wind rates are falling - and we are experiencing "global stilling".


ANU tech start-up sells for $76 million

Professor Tim Senden with the Research School of Physics and Engineering rock x-ray machine.

Emma Macdonald A high-tech start-up set up by The Australian National University and University of NSW has been sold for $76 million.

Modern teens not so different after all


Emma Macdonald The idea that teenagers are lost to their families once they log on to computers and social media is challenged by research showing that the old-fashioned concepts of family time, homework and...

A teenager's life in a digital world


Emma Macdonald Teenagers are not completely dominated by technology - despite stereotypes that they are glued to their smartphones.

Ten years on, astrophysicist Schmidt's rebuilt dream comes close to ashes

Mount Stromlo Observatory on fire during Canberra's 2003 bushfires.

Emma Macdonald Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist Brian Schmidt might be agnostic but this weekend resorted to his own version of prayer.

'It is absolutely wild': 3D printing in Canberra

14th March 2012, News, The Canberra Times. Photo by ROHAN THOMSON. ANU Head of Applied Maths, Professor Tim Fendon, cleans excess chalk from a 3D print of a human skull.

Emma Macdonald In a tiny room at the Australian National University there sits an enormous printer.

Older ACT internet users put on notice

Emma Macdonald Older Australians are more likely to trust what they read - including what they read on the internet - which leaves them at a greater risk of being scammed.