Katherine Feeney

Katherine Feeney

Katherine Feeney heads the urban affairs desk for brisbanetimes.com.au. She is also one of Australia’s leading commentators on sex, love, dating and relationships via her popular blog CityKat.


Publishing app set to make headlines

Katherine Feeney A Brisbane-based print publisher has developed an app that has the potential to transform an industry already revolutionised by Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

3D printing coming to Brisbane

Katherine Feeney Three-dimensional printing technology, like that which saw two students in America print and fly their own plane last month, could be publicly available in Brisbane by Christmas.

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Free wireless internet rolls out in more parks

Wireless internet hot spot

Katherine Feeney King George Square, Post Office Square and a host of suburban Brisbane parks have free wireless internet available from today as lord mayor Graham Quirk sent stage two of his wi-fi hotspots rollout...

Click, print and wear: a glimpse into 3D future

Future lab

Katherine Feeney Imagine a world where you could see a t-shirt you like online, and print it out. And not just as a picture on paper either.

Ugly at face value: the science of attraction

Faces thiumb

Katherine Feeney Staring too long at one face - his - led Narcissus to a sticky end, but Brisbane researchers have discovered looking too quickly at the appearance of others can be just as disturbing.

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Facebook sex ratings spread through cyberspace


Katherine Feeney An explosion of anonymous websites publicly rating the sexual performance of individual Queenslanders could lead to criminal prosecutions, according to a digital law expert.

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Meet Australia's best blogger

Nikki Parkinson

Katherine Feeney The country's newly crowned blog queen lives and works from home on the Sunshine Coast.

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Free to browse at Brisbane hotspots

Wireless internet hot spot

Katherine Feeney Nearly half of Brisbane residents with internet access pay over $50 a month for premium web services, but a host of savvy browsers know how to access the web almost just as well, without paying a...

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'Make us your home' page


Katherine Feeney When destructive floods strike, some people dig, some grab sandbags, while others construct websites.

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Brisbane student tells you where to go

Katherine Feeney Thirty minutes of work could place a Brisbane student among international luminaries such as SnoopDogg, John Cleese and cartoon favourite, Homer Simpson.

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Best of the Brisbane blogosphere


Katherine Feeney We reveal some the favourite local blogs keeping locals informed about goings on in the river city.

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Facebook fans star struck by 'Brisbane's Marilyn Monroe'


Katherine Feeney Model, actress and international sex siren Marilyn Monroe once said that if she were a star, it was the people who made her a star.