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Nicky Phillips is Science Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Viagra slows the spread of malaria, study finds

Nicky Phillips The little blue pill that gives men more oomph in the bedroom has an unexpected benefit - it can slow the spread of malaria.

Novice runner embarks on Herald half marathon to raise funds for endangered rhinos

In South Africa, poachers kill one rhino every eight hours.

Nicky Phillips Since Danielle Friday went to Africa in 2007, rhinos number have plummeted. But she has a plan to revive their numbers.

Someone should tell Johnny Depp about these five biosecurity disasters

Johnny Depp's dog

Nicky Phillips So Johnny Depp flies into Australia on a private charter plane with his two Yorkshire terriers Boo and Pistol in tow without permits.

Malaysia Airlines MH370: search for missing aircraft uncovers shipwreck in Indian Ocean

Shipwreck: an anchor found during the underwater search for MH370.

Nicky Phillips The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 aircraft has found a previously unknown shipwreck at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Red clothing makes you seem angry, aggressive and dominant, study

Nicky Phillips Researchers have found that wearing red coloured clothing can manipulate people's perceptions of you, making you seem angry and aggressive.

Microbes can track a person's movements, study finds

Invisible trace: microbes can give away where you've been.

Nicky Phillips Unique communities of microbes found on people's shoes and phones may soon be used to track their past movements, a small study has suggests.

How much you eat is influenced by your dining companion, study finds

Nicky Phillips Researchers have observed for some time that the amount of food your dining companion consumes can influence on how much you eat.

Scientists predict Lake Eyre and Murray-Darling Basins won't exist in 30 million years

Geologists predict Lake Eyre will not exist in 30 million years.

Nicky Phillips One day Lake Eyre and the Murray-Darling Basin will cease to exist.

Australian engineer Scott Sloan elected to prestigious Royal Society

Scott Sloan is one of the few engineers elected to science's hall of fame.

Nicky Phillips Driving along a highway, through a tunnel or over a bridge, most people would give little thought to the load these structures can take before they collapse. That's Scott Sloan's job.

New ovarian cancer test detects twice as many women with early signs

New test is more effective in early detection of ovarian cancer.

Nicky Phillips A new test can detect signs of ovarian cancer in four out of five women who have yet to show symptoms of the disease.

Cataract surgery 'blitzes' not a long-term solution for Indigenous communities, say experts

Nicky Phillips Flying surgical teams into Indigenous communities for short visits to perform cataract operations, a practice pioneered by Fred Hollows, is preventing the development of long term services that would...

'May the fourth be with you': fundraising sandtrooper celebrates Star Wars day

Dressed as a Star Wars

Nicky Phillips On May 4, International Star Wars Day, you can expect to see legions of people dressed as stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters participating in "May the fourth be with you"-themed events.

Bat-like dinosaur with membrane wings discovered in China

The first bat-like dinosaur has been uncovered in China.

Nicky Phillips Chinese scientists have discovered a new variety of dinosaur that had wings made of a skin membrane rather than feathers.

GlaxoSmithKline develop shingles vaccine that is 97 per cent effective in adults

A new shingles vaccine has been developed with the help of Australian scientists.

Nicky Phillips Scientists have designed a new shingles vaccine that is 97 per cent effective in adults aged 50 to 70 years old.

Smells that attract mosquitoes to some people are likely to be inherited

Scientists are trying to understand why mosquitoes bite people more than others.

Nicky Phillips If mosquitoes love the taste of your blood, new research has found you can probably thank your parents for that.

New species of glassfrog discovered in Costa Rica looks just like Kermit

A newly discovered glassfrog looks a lot like Kermit the Frog.

Nicky Phillips Kermit the Frog is alive and living in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica.

4D printing is cooler than 3D printing, and why that means the end of IKEA flatpacks

Professor Marc in het Panhuis holds a 4D printed valve that can change shape.

Nicky Phillips Researchers, including Australians, are experimenting with 4D printing to make objects that can change shape and function over time.

The most surprising thing about Stephen Hawking

Lucy Hawking and her father Stephen attend the BAFTAs in February.

Nicky Phillips Most people don't realise the brilliant physicist has children, says his daughter Lucy.

Men donate more money to charity if it’s a competition

Competition: Men donate more if they see other men have been generous donors.

Nicky Phillips Males donate more money to charity if they see other males have donated large amounts. And they'll also be more generous if the person asking for money is an attractive woman. (Surprise, surprise).

What really happens when you crack your knuckles

Researchers have used MRI to see what happens when a knuckle cracks.

Nicky Phillips In what might be one of the most obscure scientific discoveries of 2015, researchers have identified once and for all what happens when you crack your knuckles.