Rachel Browne

Rachel Browne

Rachel Browne is a Social Affairs Reporter for Fairfax Media

The dining companions no one wants - Sydney's hungry seagulls

Rachel Browne They are the unwanted dining companions which have Sydney restaurateurs and their patrons in a flap.


Not all appy children get best of educations

Preschoolers from KU preschool at Kilara

Rachel Browne In the expanding world of early childhood education and technology, not all apps are created equal.

Teenagers asked to plan their face-to-face space

Rachel Browne They are switched on and plugged in but children of the digital age feel increasingly disconnected from the real world.

Social media blackout in force for students as international exam kicks off


Rachel Browne THE first thing most HSC students do after finishing an exam is go straight to Facebook or Twitter to share their thoughts.

Mental health help goes online


Rachel Browne For years the advice has been to avoid consulting Dr Google for any medical concerns but new Australian research is showing online programs have marked benefits for people experiencing mild to...

Social media researcher gives tepid embrace to virtual hug


Rachel Browne USING social media can help children learn empathy in the real world, according to an international expert on the psychology of technology.

Could this virus cure cancer?


Rachel Browne Australian scientists are leading a global charge to combat one of the world's worst killers with a surprising secret weapon - the common cold.

This brainless patient is no dummy


RACHEL BROWNE MEET the new high-tech robot suffering from a multitude of health problems helping to save lives around Australia.

Virtual chalk to keep tabs on parked cars

Rachel Browne PARKING offenders beware: a drive-by spy camera, which electronically scans the position of parked cars is being trialled in Australia.

Freeview 'digital mutton dressed as lamb'


Rachel Browne It's being touted as the dawn of a new era in Australian home entertainment but media experts have derided it as "lipstick on a TV pig".

YouTube gives actor his break

Rachel Browne ACTOR, musician and filmmaker Andrew Vallentine launched the pilot of his television series, All My Tomorrows, on YouTube in the hope that it is seen by potential producers.