Village Roadshow backs anti-piracy tech

Village Roadshow is waging an ongoing war against piracy.

Village Roadshow and its co-executive chairman have jointly invested $1.5 million in Linius Technologies, a firm whose primary product makes digital video files easier to manipulate.

AR brings smart city of the future into focus

Dr Mowlam says AR is 'an amazing tool for taking ideas off the drawing board and dropping them into the real world'.

Local residents and potential investors can stand in Werribee's main street and view the revitalised city centre, while proposed buildings are still on the drawing board, thanks to the WynLens augmented reality project.

Humans key to improving therapeutic robotics

An ankle exoskeleton.

Mechanical and robotic exoskeletons hold considerable promise, both as aids to the disabled and machines to increase the lifting power of worked in heavy industry, but so far the reality has lagged considerably behind the dream.