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Digital Dreamers 5: Millionaires in thongs

ASHER MOSESThey're the name on everybody's lips : meet the founders of Atlassian, one of Australia's biggest home grown tech successes.

Asleep at the wheel in the valley of dreams


When the mining boom ends will our best talent have left for the US? Technology Editor Asher Moses reports from Silicon Valley on the exodus of Australia's talent. Watch Digital Dreamers Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5

Dads create children's app empire


ASHER MOSES Two dads from Newcastle have created an app empire in their spare time without writing a single line of code.

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Tax policy 'hitting' entrepreneurs


Mahesh Sharma A taxation policy designed to close a loophole is penalising technology start-up businesses.

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Is Silicon Valley 'coming to an end'?


ASHER MOSES Have Silicon Valley's entrepreneurs run out of world-changing ideas? That's the surprising view put forward by David Sacks, who has just sold his start-up Yammer to Microsoft for $US1.2 billion.

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The Valley: My journey to the centre of the start-up universe

Matt of Curicon.

Matt Byrne In anticipation of Curicon’s partial move to California, Aimee and I spent some time in Silicon Valley last month. I want to share what I learnt and hopefully make it easier for other Australians to find their feet in “The Valley”.

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Smart money in dumb phones


ASHER MOSES Billionaire Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Paul Bassat, the co-founder of, have just invested $2m in an Australian mobile app platform targeting the four or five billion people who don't have smartphones.

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'Ignored' men now in fashion online

luke ryan

ASHER MOSES Men have been the "ignored" demographic of the online shopping boom but research indicating blokes are embracing e-commerce more vigorously than women has seen an explosion in Australian men's shopping sites.

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From Napster punk to music prodigy


ASHER MOSES His title is "business bro" and he likes playing skateboarding video games, but at just 28, Jai Al-Attas is a Gen Y prodigy.

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Hidden gem: sound design gives Aussie a winning edge


ASHER MOSES Could the next iPod come from a two-man consumer electronics company headed by an Aussie?

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Facebook's first investor bets big on Aussie 'corporate refugees'


ASHER MOSES Facebook board member and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has made his first investment in Australia leading a $1.2 million funding round for business software maker ScriptRock.

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Pub brainwave puts Aussies in the game


ASHER MOSES Three Australian mates reckon they've worked out how to make advertising in video games work - and investors have backed them to the tune of just under $2 million.

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Some start-ups not in tune on anti-government rhetoric

Fenn Bailey (L) and Tom Howard of Melbourne start-up Adioso.

Mahesh Sharma Three Aussie start-ups have praised government policies to support the fledgling technology industry.

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Can’t drink, can’t vote - but this teenager is hot property in Silicon Valley

Lachy comp thumb

ENTREPRENEUR SECRETS He's founded four online start-ups and sold three, not a bad resume for somebody who hasn’t had their 18th birthday.


Look who's laughing now: Aussie start-up raises $1 million


Mahesh Sharma Company a step closer to connecting anything to anything.

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No green card? No worries ... Blueseed floats its big idea


JAMES W MANNING A technology company wants to build a floating fortress off the coast of Silicon Valley to house entrepreneurs unable to work in the US.

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Let's all hug a banker


Boris Johnson Opinion Stop bashing the banks - their risk-taking is crucial to everyone's prosperity.

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The road to Silicon Valley: why tech start-up Curicon is leaving Australia to chase the dream

Curicon team.

Kerrie O'Callaghan of Curicon Kerrie O'Callaghan of start-up Curicon gives us a first hand account on the travails of creating the start-up, which aims to be an online space for people to geek out on about the latest comic book or action figure.

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Australia and tall poppies: time to wake up


ASHER MOSES Tall poppy syndrome - alive and well in Australia or a cultural relic of times past?

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The boys who built a $1b company in the cloud


ASHER MOSES Their company sells $100m worth of software a year in 130 countries around the world, but has no sales staff.

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Internet clone's Australian blitzkrieg

Zanui logo

Mahesh Sharma German backer of copycat websites is basking in local e-tailers' success.

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Kaggle: data with destiny


ASHER MOSES The world - and fortunes - turn so fast. 10 years ago Facebook didn't exist. 15 years ago, neither did Google. Aussie Anthony Goldbloom reckons he's got the next big thing.

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Aussies throw switch on power to the people

pepper spray

ASHER MOSES It was the blast of pepper spray that shook the internet and sparked a debate across the US about excessive force by police.

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Silicon Hills? It has a ring to it

Silicon Hills

Mahesh Sharma Could Australia's answer to Silicon Valley be hiding in the inner-city's Surry Hills?

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NSW digital action plan scorned as 'fluff'

Chief of, Matt Barrie.

ASHER MOSES A draft 10-year NSW government blueprint for the digital economy ''doesn't say much at all and will deliver little benefit to the economy as far as technology is concerned''.

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Why Avis at 28 ditched her $250,000 job


ASHER MOSES Avis Mulhall was earning $250,000 a year in executive recruitment in Dublin when she threw it all in to become an entrepreneur in Sydney.

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‘Fearless’ Fox finds funds for Shoes of Prey


ASHER MOSES An Australian husband-and-wife web start-up that allows users to design their own shoes has raised $3 million from heavyweight investors in Australia and the US.

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The pen that revolutionises your iPad


ASHER MOSES Robert Yearsley believes his app and pen revolutionises productivity on the iPad - and customers believe in him, already pledging over $40,000 sight unseen.

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300: the small Aussie force willing to risk all


ASHER MOSES They call themselves the Aussie mafia and, fed up with the lack of funding for entrepreneurs in Australia, they're pooling together at least $20 million to invest in themselves.

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Lauren takes flight with $800,000 backing


ASHER MOSES Lauren McLeod claims to be the first Australian to cross Mongolia's Gobi Desert entirely on foot, but arguably her biggest success came after hotfooting it to San Francisco.

'Silicon Beach': Google's plea on our future

nick leeder

ASHER MOSES Google Australia's managing director Nick Leeder says Sydney must become a "Silicon Beach" if it wants to be a major global city, but cultural flaws are holding us back.

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Daring to fail at 23: Australia's hackathon hero


Asher Moses Peter Watts is just 23, but the Australian networks like a seasoned pro and his app is turning heads in the music industry.

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From the desert to riches: the quest begins

Young entrepeneur.

ASHER MOSES Bart Jellama is confident. ''We have a working product, a very defined market, it's very clear where our exit is as well, so from an investor perspective … it's a no-brainer.''


Australia v the World: where the money goes


The successes and failures of innovation, who gets the money, the deals, the funds under management and how Australia fares compared with the rest of the world.


Tales from the valley: relocate to innovate

nikki durkin

ASHER MOSES Our nation’s young technology entrepreneurs are building a formidable reputation in California’s Silicon Valley. So why does success elude them in Australia?

White collar jobs

The Aussie making a motza from offshoring

Matt Barrie.

Matt Barrie's outsourcing website is hastening the export of jobs from rich countries to poor, which is bad news for Australia's high-skilled, white-collar professionals. Greg Bearup of Good Weekend Magazine meets the man behind


Brain drain: why young entrepreneurs leave home

Nikki Durkin

Asher Moses "WE'VE created crack for women," says 20-year-old entrepreneur Nikki Durkin of her online fashion startup 99dresses. The trouble is, Australian financiers don't want to get the habit.

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Incubator for 100 Aussie start-ups

Sharon Schoenborn

Sylvia Pennington It's Microsoft's way to help the industry help itself and the sotfware maker.

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Episode 4: The new gold rush

A strong network of relationships is a key element of success.

Episode 3: Aussie mafia

They are 300 against the world, willing to risk it all.

Episode 2: Weird and wild

Asher Moses arrives in the weird world of Austin, Texas, for the world's wildest tech gathering, where deals get done.

Episode 1: Start me up

Heading for Silicon Valley? Join the Startup Bus with Asher Moses.

Digital Dreamers 6: Turnbull on Tech

How Australia can make the most of it's burgeoning start-up scene.

Google Australia on start-ups

It's never been a better time for Aussie tech entrepreneurs.

What's wrong with Aussie tech scene?

Adrian Turner finds the government asleep at the wheel.

'Shout from the rooftops'

Commericalisation Australia CEO Doron Ben-Meir has some advice.

Crowdsourcing for geniuses

Kaggle turns data analysis into a competitive sport for geeks.

Global designs for local businesses

99designs gives small businesses access to global designers.

Be your own video director

Switchcam joins multiple YouTube videos of the same event.

Women chasing the digital dream

Not all tech entrepreneurs are bearded geeks......

The valley veteran

Larry Marshall is a key figure for advice and potential investment.

Be a high flyer

Ryan Junee is a role model for Aussies heading to Silicon Valley.

How to pitch

Watch and learn how to wow investors and get their cash.

Way to go?

Surfing noodle eaters may be the key to Australia's tech future.

Why failure is good

You can't succeed without it, says US venture capitalist

How to make it Big

These guys have done it, and they're getting bigger.

Start up secrets

Ever wanted to know what it takes to make it in the world of tech? Look no further.

Getting the money

Tech rockstar Guy Kawasaki on what he invests in.

Making it work

Web superstar Robert Scoble on how to make it all happen in the tech world.