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Gearing up for the mega-telescope

An artist's impression of the new Thirty Metre Telescope.

With a nine-times-larger collecting area than its predecessors, the Thirty Metre Telescope is likely to transform the art of astronomy.

The virus following humans around the world

global spread of HIV

The first maps to track the global expansion of HIV over the past 50 years paint a fascinating picture of how the spread of the virus mirrored human migration and trade routes.

Jupiter-bound probe nears its destination

Three LEGO figurines representing the Roman god Jupiter, his wife Juno and Galileo Galilei are aboard the Juno spacecraft.

No matter how good your eyes are, even if you're using the Hubble telescope, you'll not see our latest robotic spacecraft, called JUNO, arriving at Jupiter in on July 4. No doubt this date was timed perfectly for American celebrations.

The DNA detectives

The band of 2/22 Battalion, with the battalion behind it. Some were among the 160 soldiers executed at Tol in 1942.

Australians have been called upon to donate their DNA and help establish the country's first historical DNA database, providing researchers with a crucial tool for solving wartime mysteries - some which date back 100 years.



Alive as a dodo

Bringing animals back from extinction is no longer science fiction. But the question is, should we do it?