Google halts Street View Wi-Fi data collection

Google says it will no longer collect Wi-Fi network information for its Street View mapping service after "mistakenly" gathering personal wireless data.

Police investigate Google Wi-Fi data 'screw up'


Stephen Hutcheon The Australian Federal Police are investigating Google over a possible breach of the telecommunications interception act which took place when the company captured data from unprotected Wi-Fi...

Officials linked to attack on Google

Google in China

WASHINGTON: US diplomats in Beijing have linked China's top propagandist to the cyber attacks that prompted Google to take down its search engine in China early this year, leaked diplomatic cables...

Heat turned up on Google's privacy blur

Privacy commissioners in Asia Pacific have clubbed together to put the heat on Google over its controversial new privacy policy.

Finding high-tech flaws for fun and an optional profit

Ben Grubb NATHANIEL CAREW makes a living protecting computer systems. In his spare time, he hacks into Google.

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More than a pretty phrase

Adam Turner With just a little bit of effort and carefully clever passwords, you can protect yourself from hackers.

Organised crime gets smart with technology

A BlackBerry handset

Ilya Gridneff NSW's top crime-fighting agency has admitted it is being outsmarted by criminals who use BlackBerry phones and online telephone services such as Skype to prevent their illicit conversations being...

Crikey! We've been hacked

Crikey has been hacked.

Michael Lallo News website Crikey has been hacked with editors warning readers not to visit its home page until it has been fixed.

Practise the web safety you teach

Rocco Cybersafety illo

Ainslie MacGibbon The young people may not listen but every school and institution dealing with them advises careful consideration of what information they post online.

Police flag more hacking arrests

Hacker arrested (Thumbnail)

Vincent Morello Police expect to make more arrests over one of Australia's biggest online hacking attacks, which they say could spread to companies overseas.

Software takes brain power out of hacking


Asher Moses EVEN if David ''Evil'' Cecil is guilty, he is not necessarily a hacking mastermind. Computer security professionals say breaking into websites and computer networks is now as simple as downloading...

Police charge lone hacker over NBN plot


Saffron Howden AN UNEMPLOYED truck driver with the online moniker ''Evil'' hacked into one of the national broadband network's service providers and had control of its entire system for at least six weeks, police...

PM has betrayed me: Assange

Julian Assange.

Josh Gordon As the net closes around WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the notorious whistleblower has accused PM Julia Gillard of betraying him as an Australian citizen.

From private life to public knowledge

Facebook and Twitter.

One morning this week, Facebook told me a friend had used a dating application the night before, one called Are You Interested? It told not just me, but all those it recognises as his friends.

Cooking, computers and hacking: school accused of global scam

Generic computer hacking

Jonathan Watts Depending on your perspective, Lanxiang vocational school in Jinan in eastern China is either the heart of a secretive global hacking conspiracy or a second-rate educational factory that is best...

China denies mass hacking of Gmail accounts

Google alleges Chinese hackers are behind the latest attacks on Gmail accounts.

John Garnaut, Sanghee Liu BEIJING: Chinese cyber warfare experts have denied charges their country was behind a fresh wave of cyber attacks on Gmail accounts, and say that it is China that stands ''naked'' against American...

Beijing used hackers to find US secrets

Secret information sent by US diplomats to Hillary Clinton's State Department make clear that US diplomats suspect Chinese authorities have made use of private ''patriotic'' hackers to delve into US...

Website under constant assault


Dylan Welch WikiLeaks continues to duck and dodge powerful cyber assaults by seemingly patriotic hackers. The radical whistleblower website, led by its co-founder and editor, Julian Assange, has been forced to...

Rudd the butt of WikiLeaks exposé

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Kevin Rudd

Daniel Flitton Kevin Rudd warned Hillary Clinton to be prepared to use force against China ''if everything goes wrong'', an explosive WikiLeaks cable has revealed.

A is for antivirus: free software A-Z

Generic software image.

Dirk Averesch There are some good programs out there that don't cost a thing.