More than a pretty phrase

Adam Turner With just a little bit of effort and carefully clever passwords, you can protect yourself from hackers.

Trade secrets exposed by 'stealthy' email typo attack


Ben Grubb Australian organisations and individuals face losing thousands of private emails and trade secrets to hackers through a crafty new attack which takes advantage of typos.

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Small business lags on computer security

Small businesses have embraced the internet but 16 per cent don't use anti-virus software and 30 per cent don't use a protective firewall, a new study shows.

Facebook hardcore porn hackers identified

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Olga Kharif Facebook has identified those responsible for a recent deluge of hardcore porn and violent images in some users' newsfeeds, and says its legal team will ''ensure appropriate consequences follow''.

From private life to public knowledge

Facebook and Twitter.

One morning this week, Facebook told me a friend had used a dating application the night before, one called Are You Interested? It told not just me, but all those it recognises as his friends.

Smartphones offer new frontier for identity theft


As more people switch from traditional cell phones to smart phones, worries have increased that users will fall prey to the same virus and malware problems that can plague personal computers.

Russian hackers 'stole from US banks'


Bobbie Johnson The FBI investigates the activities of a notorious Russian internet gang amid accusations that it stole tens of millions of dollars from US banks.

'World's biggest spammer' faces Brisbane court

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Amelia Bentley A Sunshine Coast man accused of being the mastermind of the world's largest online spam operation, which could send 10 billion emails a day, faced court in Brisbane today.

Avert an unwanted gaze


Lia Timson Ever wondered what could happen to that email you sent the travel agent with all your personal information, including a scan of your passport so they could book your tickets?

Macs a growing target for malware: Sophos

apple mac

With more Macs installed globally, laying traps for Mac users is now more worth their while.

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