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iMessage outage: Telstra customers unable to send messages on iPhone

A Telstra mobile issue resulted in some iPhone users being unable to use iMessage or Facetime for around two hours on Wednesday, with many taking to social media and Telstra's website to express their confusion and displeasure.

iMessage is a feature that detects when an iPhone user is sending a text message to another iPhone user, and sends the data via Apple's interent services rather than by the phone networks.

Telstra confirmed the issue on Twitter at shortly after 11am Wednesday morning, saying its team was working on it and an update would be issued "ASAP". Just before 1pm it issued an update saying it had "worked with Apple" to fix the service, and that functionality should soon be restored.

Telstra's Crowd Support site started receiving complaints shortly before 11am, and by noon "iMessage" was trending in Australia on Twitter. At the time, Telstra posted a notice at its website, suggesting users switch temporarily to regular SMS messages.

It's unclear whether the outage was limited geographically. It appeared to mostly affect users across the east coast, but some reports also came in from Perth.

One Twitter user suggested the issue had to do with Telstra's DNS servers, and claimed it could be remedied by pointing devices to an alternate service, such as Google's.


Most tweets on the subject merely expressed disbelief that such a basic function of their phone could stop working.

By 1pm, some users on Twitter were reporting that iMessage was back to functioning as normal.