Perpetual performance reviews are gaining traction

Rebecca Greenfield 5:38 PM   Meeting with the boss once or twice a year to assess your past, present, and future is beginning to seem quite quaint.

Telcos confused and unprepared for new data retention laws

AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin, former communications minister Malcolm Turnbull, Attorney-General George Brandis.

Matthew Knott 7:37 AM   Fewer than one in five Australian telecommunications companies say they are ready to store all the information required under Australia's new data retention laws, which officially come into force on Tuesday.

Metadata retention changes explained

Metadata reveals your digital footprint.

Ben Grubb 6:13 AM   Starting on Tuesday, October 13, Australian telcos such as Telstra and Optus are required to start storing metadata logs pertaining to people's email, internet, mobile and landline use for up to two years.

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New ihail taxi app shot down

Taxi drivers protesting against Uber in Melbourne last month.

Hannah Francis   App which allows users to hail taxis from major companies is detrimental to competition, says consumer watchdog

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'Beyond disgusting': says journalist Matthew Keys of his hacking conspiracy conviction

Matthew Keys, right, may face 25 years in jail after being convicted of conspiring with hacking group Anonymous to break into the Los Angeles Times' website.

Justin Moyer   Journalist Matthew Keys, who prosecutors say illegally leaked the username and password needed to hack into the Los Angeles Times to the hacking group Anonymous may serve 25 years in prison.

Questions raised over Turnbull's use of private email

Conciliatory: Malcolm Turnbull.

Ben Grubb   Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull continues to use a non-government email server to conduct communications with others.

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Facebook, Google sign up to anti-cyberbullying scheme, may face penalties


Hannah Francis   Social networks will have to remove serious material referred to the eSafety Commissioner within 48 hours.

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Kickstarter using crowdfunding to aid Syrian refugees

US President Barack Obama has called on Americans, including Silicon Valley, to do their part for Syrian refugees.

Michael D. Shear   As Syrian refugees continue to flee the violence at home, President Barack Obama is turning to the modern tools of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship as a supplement to the more traditional means of humanitarian relief.


TPP concerns over IP laws lock-in, offshore housing of personal data

Digital rights advocates are concerned about how personal data would be handled under the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Hannah Francis   Experts say Australians are at risk of having their personal data exposed to lax privacy laws offshore, and that we may be locked into outdated copyright legislation.

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'Absolute joke': holiday misery for thousands

St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA have suffered an outage following scheduled maintenance.

Ben Grubb   Tens of thousands of Westpac-owned St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA customers were reeling on Monday following an outage of online, mobile, and telephone banking at the banks.


NBN's first satellite, Sky Muster, launches successfully into orbit

NBN's satellite Sky Muster launches from Guiana Space Centre last week.

Tim Biggs   Homes and businesses in regional Australia set to get ADSL2-level internet from mid-2016 as NBN's Sky Muster successfully launches into orbit.

Uber approved for October launch in Canberra

Uber is a major threat to the established taxi industry.

Tom McIlroy and Henry Belot   Canberra's transport network is set for a major shake-up. Even taxi drivers are helped by the decision.

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Public called in to help Uber

The RACQ has welcomed the Queensland review into Uber, but believes an answer is needed sooner

Nassim Khadem   A new campaign is inviting the public to share its views on whether ride-sharing service Uber should be forced to adhere to the same state and federal regulations as taxi services.


Zuckerberg pushed on hate post censorship

Angela Merkel has taken Germany's complaints about Facebook straight to the top.

Patrick Donahue   German Chancellor Angela Merkel confronted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook chief plans to help bring the internet to refugee camps

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talks to China's president Xi Jinping in recent days.

Somini Sengupta   Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, promoted access to the Internet as "an enabler of human rights" and a "force for peace", as he announced that his company would help the United Nations bring Internet connections to refugee camps.

Shark-tracking app could help stop attacks

Shark protection technologies have been shortlisted for trials in NSW

Kirsty Needham   Electronic repellent, plastic shields, real-time tracking and a shark-detecting buoy are among the technologies shortlisted by the Baird government for trials at NSW beaches to stop the wave of shark attacks.

Coding to come as no surprise for Canberra kids

Richardson Primary School year 5 students Illiana Fogerty, 11, and Cody Selig, 10, using the school's computers.

Matthew Raggatt   Richardson Primary School pupils have had the opportunity to learn about IT long before it becomes mandatory in 2017.

iPhone still draws a crowd in Brisbane

The iPhone 6s went on sale Friday.

Joseph Ogilvie   Apple fans choose old fashioned camp-out to get hands on new iPhones.

Basic income advocates support money for nothing

The campaign for a guaranteed basic income is finally gaining traction.

Mark White   Millions of jobs are going to be lost to automation in coming decades. Would a basic income payment protect the new class of unemployed?