NSW motorists won't be fined if their phones aren't charged under digital licence plan

Keegan Thomson 6:52 PM   Drivers will not be slapped with fines if their smartphone has no charge when their identity is being checked under a NSW government plan to digitise licences.


HTC Desire 626 review: a cheap sugar hit

The HTC Desire 626 is eye-catching, if otherwise unremarkable.

Chris Southcott 12:36 PM   Despite a pretty exterior reminiscent of a liquorice allsort, the 626 doesn't deliver a much-needed energy rush under the hood.

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Secret origins of Telegram, the encrypted messaging app favoured by IS

telegram app

Caitlin Dewey 8:23 AM   Multiple security experts have claimed Telegram is actually not all that secure: a flaw that may reflect the fact that Telegram wasn't initially conceived as an encrypted messaging platform.

'Phuc Dat Bich' faked it: the man with awkward name turns out to be a hoax

The profile picture on Phuc Dat Bich's Facebook account.

Kate Aubusson, Timna Jacks 8:40 PM   The Australian man who claimed his name was 'Phuc Dat Bich' has admitted it was a hoax.

Move aside Wi-Fi, there's a new super-fast wireless internet coming called Li-Fi

Could Li-Fi overtake Wi-Fi as the wireless communications method of choice?

Claire Connelly   Scientists develop a new form of wireless communication for computers that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

PlayStation 2 games coming to PlayStation 4

PS4 controller

Keegan Thomson   Gamers rejoice at news Sony is working on a way to play PlayStation 2 games work on PlayStation 4.

NBN faces delays, cost blow outs due to poor Optus cables

The NBN has experienced a number of budget blow outs.

Matthew Knott   Optus's cable TV and broadband network, bought by the National Broadband Network for $800 million this year, is in such poor condition the NBN is considering replacing it entirely.

Sassy woman or machine? Tech giants divided over digital assistants

Apple's Siri together with voice-control initiatives from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and several startups, is poised to change the way we think of computers.

Julia Love and Yasmeen Abutaleb   As tech giants race to build ever better AI platforms, they are obsessing over their digital assistants' personalities.

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Digital licences coming to NSW

NSW Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet.

Keegan Thomson   The NSW state government is following up its 2015 election promise to deliver digital licences, with the first downloadable batch coming out mid 2016.

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To the addicted, fantasy sports look a lot like gambling

Josh Adams, who lost $US20,000 in daily fantasy games

Walt Bogdanich and Jacqueline Williams   Joshua Adams lost more than $27,000 playing daily fantasy sports games, which many providers claim are not technically gambling.


Google launches Star Wars tie-in

star wars poster

Jessica Guynn   Google joins forces with Disney to create a Star Wars theme for Google apps including Google Maps, Gmail, search and YouTube.


'I was basically told to suck it up': Inside my Centrelink nightmare

Bec Smith is at her wits' end after being locked out of myGov for three months, preventing her from accessing parental leave through Centrelink.

Hannah Francis   Mother Bec Smith has been trying for months to access Centrelink payments. A "serious error" is preventing her.

Taxi owners need compo if Uber legalised: Foley

The Baird government is yet to make a decision on whether to legalise ride-sharing services such as Uber.

Emma Partridge and Matt O'Sullivan   NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley says taxi owners should receive some form of compensation if ride-sharing service Uber is legalised.


A virtual reality revolution is coming in 2016

Technology and entertainment giants are betting billions that virtual reality is much more than a passing fad, one that will revolutionize the way we experience movies, news, sporting events, video games and more.

Lorne Manly   Pioneers in film, journalism, sports and gaming talk about the potential and struggles of building a new art form from the ground up, ahead of several headset launches taking place in the coming months.

Tech trends 2016: what to crave and what to fear in the new year

Biometrics will be big in 2016, experts predict.

Cynthia Karena 11:45 PM   Next year will be a big one for personal tech, but experts warn not all the coming trends will be beneficial.

This app's a peeky blinder

<i>Be My Eyes</i> is an app that links the visually impaired with the sighted.

Cynthia Karena 11:45 PM    A great new app connects sighted and visually impaired people to solve a million everyday problems.

How the internet will transform your home by 2020

"Bring it on": Mary Boulos with her children (from left), Mikhael, Alyssa and Charvel, looks forward to the day when all the devices in her Hawkesbury home are connected.

Esther Han and Patrick Begley   App use is predicted to "explode" as internet connectivity is built into everything from white goods to lighting.

Will devices destroy the world?

A new computer isn't just for Christmas – some of it is for eternity.

Drew Turney 11:45 PM   The electronics boom causes massive environmental and social damage. Drew Turney looks at the dark side of the device -- and how slime might yet save the day.

Fallout 4 wearable Pip-Boy review

By your side: The Pip-Boy interface as it appears in-game in Fallout 4.

Matt Bungard   The latest game in the Fallout series comes with a revolutionary piece of optional hardware. But is it practical, or just for show?

The Australian man with a name so awkward no one believes him

The profile picture on Phuc Dat Bich's Facebook account.

Aisha Dow   He's the Melbourne man with a name so unfortunate that no one believes him.