WhatsApp to share data with Facebook

WhatsApp claims its commitment to privacy will not be affected by the new data sharing policy.

In a move that is rankling some of the company's more than a billion users, WhatsApp will soon begin to share some member information with parent Facebook.

Outages as NBN rollout cuts cables

Businesses and homes have been knocked offline around the country as a result of NBN work.

The NBN rollout continues to accidentally rip through phone lines, leaving homes and business without internet or dial tone for up to weeks at a time, as the broadband network extends across the country.

Tim Cook's Apple: five years on

Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2016.

Steve Jobs passed the torch to Tim Cook five years ago today, and while Apple has become the world's largest company under the new CEO it has yet to release an undisputed hit product.

Unannounced slim PS4 appears in online video

The supposed new PS4 that appeared online.

On September 7, Sony is expected to announce two new models of the PlayStation 4. They should only bother announcing one, because the Slim looks like it's already well and truly out there.

Android Nougat: Everything you need to know

This photo provided by Google shows the Android Nougat statue, officially unveiled Thursday, June 30, 2016, at Google ...

After being revealed as 'Android N' in March, and officially receiving the title of Nougat in June, Google's Android 7.0 is officially beginning to roll out to users following a lengthy beta period.

The social network Facebook would kill for


As Facebook tries to leverage its users and their network of friends to help businesses sell products, Taobao has built a hugely profitable service on that premise alone.

IoT system helping the trains run on time

New technology could help minimise train delays by identifying faults in overhead wires.

Australian company turning heads here and around the world with one of the first examples of internet of things technology that can improve train travel efficiency and safety.

Telstra aims to sway Netflix fans with streaming bundle

Rather than go to war with streaming giants like Netflix and Apple Music, Telstra is using them to win over mobile customers.

Telstra is playing hardball in the streaming space, offering mobile customers three-months access to Netflix, Presto and Stan – along with unmetered Apple Music – as it fights to win over the subscription content generation.