Uber's lesson: We need to fix the startup culture

Uber has been embroiled in successive scandals in recent years.

Overlearning the lesson of Steve Jobs' first fall at Apple - and of founder-led hypersuccesses at Google and Facebook - Silicon Valley's investors created a culture where founders are given carte blanche.

Uber founder resigns amid shareholder revolt

Travis Kalanick's founder's ruthless streak helped Uber become a fixture around the world before sleepy regulators and ...

Travis Kalanick has stepped down as chief executive of Uber, the ride-hailing service that he helped found in 2009 and that he built into a transportation colossus, after a shareholder revolt made it untenable for him to stay on at the company.

Fire Emblem remake an echo of an unfamiliar past

Childhood friends are reunited on the battlefield in Shadows of Valentia.

Valentia's old-meets-new approach is an interesting twist on the series, with the juggling between two parties, free exploration sections and simplified combat balancing out the lack of relationship options and the occasional killer difficulty spike.