Why Twitter may be considering a Facebook-style algorithm for tweets

Sarah Frier 7:45 AM   An uproar over the weekend, ignited by a report saying Twitter was making changes to the way tweets are displayed, gave CEO Jack Dorsey a stark reminder of how hard it's going to be to fix the microblogging service.

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The Russian chemist behind the Google doodle

Mendeleev first published the periodic table in 1869.

Happy 182nd birthday, Dmitri Mendeleev. Google has marked the occasion by redesigning its iconic logo today to commemorated the Russian chemist, credited as the "father" of the Periodic Table.

The iPhone error message you never want to see

The iPhone 6s home button showing the Touch ID hardware.

iPhone owners are on the warpath after their phones have been bricked by what Apple says is anti-tampering measure.

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Who's the mum? Family photo goes viral

Mom, twin & me: The photo that perplexed the internet.

Last year, it was "The Dress". This year, it is a family photo that is breaking the internet.

Twitter suspends more than 125,000 accounts for 'promoting terrorist acts'

Twitter has shut down more than 125,000 accounts linked to radicalised Islam.

Yasmeen Abutaleb   ​Twitter Inc has reduced its response time monitoring reported accounts by hiring more staff.


Seven stories of injury and other VR hazards

'I used the table’s surface as a reference point for the Earth’s horizon, and it wasn’t quite lined up to real life. So ...

HTC and Valve’s Vive VR headset lets you physically move around in virtual reality. You can walk, run, jump, flail your arms and all that good stuff. You can also be a shambling disaster zone.

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Smartwatches get classy: six new wrist-worthy wearables

Tracking a Movado watch down in Australia might be a bit of a hassle, but if you're into the Bold Motion's sci-fi lines ...

Alex Williams   The new blockbuster feature in smartwatches? They look less like sci-fi gizmos and more like, well, watches.

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The hottest trend in 3D printing: shoes on demand

The future of running shoes is changing.

Meredith Bauer   Customised shoe insoles and orthotics are among the newest products to be created using 3D printing machines, and companies such as Nike and New Balance have partnered with technology companies to create 3D-printed performance athletic shoes, some of which could be released later this year.

Facebook 'Friends Day' video falls flat

Facebook celebrated "Friends Day" (aka its birthday) by giving users a video of their "friends".

Users were gifted with a personalised video. Unfortunately, computer codes can't tell if you actually like all of your Facebook friends.


Taylor Swift follows Kim Kardashian in getting own mobile game

Taylor Swift, the most popular person on Instagram, will get her own mobile game this year.

Grammy-award winning pop star Taylor Swift is making her first foray into the world of mobile gaming by partnering with Glu Mobile to develop a new game, the company has said.

Hands on review: Sengled Pulse smart bulb speakers

Sengled Pulse smart bulbs double as Bluetooth speakers for streaming music around your home.

Wireless speakers hidden away in hefty LED bulbs shed new light on the concept of multi-room audio.

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Zika virus hits Brazilian government website

Mosquitoes obscure president Dilma Rousseff's face on the Brazilian government's website.

Raymond Colitt and Anna Edgerton   Open the Brazilian government's main website and you'll see mosquitoes swarming across the top banner.


Google's Safe Browsing now protects against deceptive software downloads

Safe Browsing, used by Chrome, Safari and Firefox, is now even more protective.

Google bolsters utility further by warning users of embedded content like ads that pretend to be from a legitimate company to get users to download dodgy unwanted software.


Nintendo details first ever mobile offering, launching in March

More than 200 million Mii characters have been created across Nintendo systems so far, a number that's set to grow with ...

Nintendo's first app made exclusively for mobile devices will launch on Android and iOS in March, and is the first of five apps the company will launch between now and the end of March 2017.

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Twitter bot pesters man's ISP for him

Why waste your time complaining on Twitter when your modem, a raspberry pie and a bit of engineering can do it for you?

Brian Fung   Many of us have grappled with slow internet speeds at one time or another. Maybe you've even called your internet provider about it. But you probably haven't gone to the lengths that this beleaguered American user has.

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SwiftKey makers to become millionaires

Microsoft has agreed to buy SwiftKey, one of the most popular alternative keyboards on iOS and Android.

Nate Lanxon   Microsoft has agreed to buy UK start-up SwiftKey, the application company best known for its free software that replaces the default keyboard on Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Car tech

Isle of Man may hand over its roads to self-driving cars

Practice laps for a TT Superbike race on the Isle of Man. The tiny self-governing island is considering giving up its ...

Matt McFarland   Small, self-governing island's transport minister leading push to attract companies that make autonomous cars.


Ten cool facts about NBN's forthcoming Sky Muster satellite service

The new NBN logo released as part of NBN Co's rebranding in April 2015.

Hannah Francis   The National Broadband Network's long-term satellite service can't come sooner for many remote and rural Australians lagging behind the nation with sub-par internet connections.

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NBN's Sky Muster satellite is almost ready to ride

NBN's new Sky Muster satellite broadband offers outback users more horsepower.

Adam Turner   Australians in the outback are set to get a taste of high-speed broadband which is still out of reach for many city slickers.

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Will smartphones make us lose our minds?

You may soon be able to use your smartphone to find out where your food came from

Michael Coulter   Humans evolved to become Homo sapiens, or wise people, but what is left of us when gadgets hold our wisdom?

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