Iran photoshops Michelle Obama's Oscar dress

US first lady Michelle Obama is the latest victim of Iran's photoshop craziness, with her dress altered to cover her neckline.

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Iran photoshops Michelle Obama's dress

The First Lady has been given a new neckline by an Iranian news agency that deemed her Oscars dress inappropriate for Iran's state media.

The Fars News Agency photoshopped Mrs Obama's dress so it covered her chest and shoulders, according to media reports. Fars is linked to the Islamic republic's elite Revolutionary Guards.

The first lady announced Argo had won best picture via a video link from the White House during Monday's Oscars ceremony.

The blunder comes less than two weeks after another state-run Iranian media outlet was caught out using a fake photo of a new stealth fighter jet.

Iranian rules stipulate women shown on Iran's state television should have a hijab that covers their hair, arms and legs, making the Oscars quite a challenge.


The rules do vary somewhat for foreigners, and in particular state dignitaries and celebrities.

A foreign woman travelling inside Iran should comply with the same restrictions on Iranian women, but those shown on TV can get away with not wearing the hijab.

Obama wore a Naeem Khan dress which had a scoop neckline and mid-width shoulder straps.

Two weeks ago, Khouz News released a picture of a new radar-dodging stealth fighter jet flying above snow-covered mountains.

But the picture was immediately suspected to be a fake, with the lighting on the plane and its position similar to its appearance in pictures on the ground in Tehran.

It was also revealed that the background image of the mountain was taken from the stock image site

In 2008, news wire Agence France-Presse had to retract an official image of an Iran missile launch following revelations it was doctored to include an extra missile. The photo had appeared on the front pages of many media outlets including and the front page of The Los Angeles Times.

In November 2012 Iran showed off a new drone design, but it was later revealed that the photographs it released were ripped off from a Japanese university and doctored.

In January, Iran claimed to have successfully sent a monkey into space in a Pishgam rocket. That announcement was also accused of being faked as photographs of the monkey before and after showed two clearly different animals.

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