Archaeologist Peter Sommer plans to walk 3200 kilometres.

Archaeologist Peter Sommer plans to walk 3200 kilometres.

This archaeologist has retraced the path of Alexander the Great.

Q How did you get to Turkey?

A A teacher's talk about the ancient world and, especially, Alexander the Great inspired me to study ancient history and archaeology at university and to embark on a grand adventure after my studies, walking 3200 kilometres across Turkey, retracing the route of Alexander. While hiking for 4½ months across the land, staying in village homes, I fell deeply in love with Turkey, its people and rich heritage.

Q Where does your work take you?

A Apart from the walk, I've spent two summers in Istanbul teaching archaeology and ancient history at Bosphorus University. I've also had the chance to film at locations in the country - I spent 10 years working as a documentary producer/director on series including the BBC's In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great.

Q Your favourite archaeological site?

A It's the atmosphere of a place that does it for me. Arykanda, high up on the side of a mountain in Lycia, has it all. It has been dubbed the "Turkish Delphi" because of its location, but unlike the site in Greece, you're more than likely to be the only visitors there. There are all the usual trappings of a prosperous ancient city and the view from the top of the theatre is heart-stopping. For sheer power, I'd choose Didyma. The oracular temple of Apollo is one of the biggest Greek temples.

Q Are there any sites left to discover?

A It's certain that a great many other sites will be discovered that are simply not yet known about - both on land and at sea. One of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the last century was the Ulu Burun shipwreck, considered the oldest proper shipwreck in the world, dating to the Bronze Age, about 3350 years ago - the time of the Trojan War. This extraordinary time capsule revealed an amazing cargo, including a gold chalice, and changed the way we understood trade, economics and seafaring of the period.

Q Favourite restaurants in Turkey?

A Hamdi in Istanbul. It's close to the Golden Horn, with stunning views across the Galata Bridge. In Bodrum its Gemibasi, where local boat captains eat.

Peter Sommer will escort a 15-day tour to Turkey on September 8-22 aboard a traditional gulet;