Shore excursions: moving riverside scenes

Jane E. Fraser Bruce Gates of Port Douglas is moved by scenes of life and death on the Ganges.

The Cruise Director

Helping out after Haiyan

Crystal Symphony

Sally Macmillan Experienced cruisers know that many members of the hard-working crews on the ships are from the Philippines, so it was good to hear the major cruise lines are supporting relief efforts in communities...

Hong Kong

Welcome to brand land


From fab to fake, it'll be in Hong Kong, says Rachael Oakes Ash.


Grains of truth

Song Saa Private Island

Natasha Dragun went to Cambodia to explore the Angkor ruins but ended up lingering over food.


Making a meal of design

The Magazine restaurant, London

Anthony Dennis The Magazine restaurant in London's Kensington Gardens is an exercise in radical design.

Top pics by Lauren Bath, professional Instagrammer

Chasing manta ray, Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

Images from around the world by professional Instagrammer Lauren Bath.

US and Canada

How to survive North America's terrible coffee


The US and Canada have a pretty poor reputation among Australians when it comes to getting a decent cup of coffee. But, as Tim Richards explains, there are ways for travelling coffee-lovers to cope.

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The Backpacker

A sacred dessert pilgrimage


The Backpacker Some people prefer to conduct their sacred journey in a state of hardship, trekking countless miles. Me, I prefer a train trip and some ice-cream.

The Cruise Director

Expanding horizons: education on cruise ships

Sally Macmillan If you like the idea of using some time at sea for broadening your knowledge (rather than just your waistline), you can find an amazing variety of expert lecturers working on cruise ships across the...

Shore excursion

Shore excursion: Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Tortoise

Bruce Godden ticks off a major wildlife sighting on his second cruise.

Cruise ship attractions

All aboard for bird's-eye view

Quantum of the Seas

Adventure on the high seas takes on new meaning next year, writes Louise Goldsbury.


Europe's armada

Switzerland, Basel

New ships, itineraries and experiences make river cruising an unmissable holiday option, writes Brian Johnston.

The Cruise Director

Time for some grown up fun

Sea Princess

Sally Macmillan While cruising with kids can be lots of fun when it’s with your own beloved offspring, you don’t necessarily want to be surrounded by hordes of other people’s over-excited under-18s when you’re...

Shore excursion

Seeing the sights of St Petersburg

St Petersburg

Jane E. Fraser Veteran cruiser Peter Bentley is impressed by the cultural sights of St Petersburg.


Whisky bliss


Sheriden Rhodes Sheriden Rhodes mixes it up with chocolate.


Off to the Antarctic

Liz Pope

Lynne Whiley Sydney's Liz Pope will spend the summer months at sea in Antarctica and South Georgia aboard the comfortable, ice-strengthened Polar Pioneer.

European cruises

From sea to key shores


Maiden voyages are a highlight of Europe's summer season, writes Louise Goldsbury.


A Beaujolais vineyard to float your boat

france river cruise

Sally Macmillan Wine-tasting is a key reason to travel by river, writes Sally Macmillan.


Famous Flyer: Guy Grossi

Guy Grossi

Nina Karnikowski My last trip to Italy in June was nothing like I've ever experienced before.


Just ask for Joe

The Raines Law Room

Prohibition created them - but they have not died. Barry Divola explores New York's secret bars.