Taming the wild and mighty Yosemite

Guy Wilkinson hopes to avoid a grizzly end in the rugged home of bears and coyotes.

Freshwater cave diving

Into the unknown


David Raterman gets a glimpse into the fascinating but dangerous world of freshwater cave diving.

Monument Valley

Please don't touch the monuments


Andrew Bain on the sacrosanct valley of the Wild West

Yosemite National Park

Classic rock


Michael Shmith finds out-of-season Yosemite is a magnificent dream.

Florida Keys

Taking the bait


Brian Skoloff Paddle with sharks and alligators in the accessible wilds of Florida Keys.


Powder keg of good times


Snowboarding in Vail is like gaining early entry to heaven.

North-West Passage

Going over the top

Maria Visconti Maria Visconti, on her honeymoon, adds some spice to her ice.

Grand Canyon

Nature on grand scale

Ellen Creager Magnificent in a winter frosting of snow, Ellen Creager falls for the magic of the Grand Canyon.

Mount St Helens

When the earth moves

Dugald Jellie Almost 25 years after it blew its top, Mount St Helens is awake again. Dugald Jellie joins the volcano watchers gathering at its base.


Hiking the hedgerows and highlands of Britain

LEANNE WALKER Britain is still best seen by foot, writes the aptly named Leanne Walker.


On a silly old bear's trail

Steve Meacham In a big year for A.A. Milne fans, Steve Meacham visits Pooh country.


Food improving in the land of fish'n'chips


England is known for many things. Good food is not one of them.

Isle of Wight

Festival breath of fresh air


This weekend, at Newchurch, a dot on the map of the Isle of Wight, the locals are staging their garlic festival to signal the end of the harvest.


Going native

Andrew Ryan It was a tough assignment, but someone had to do it. Andrew Ryan goes on a London pub crawl.


Bid to save Cutty Sark from sinking

Richard Baker Time and tide are taking a toll on one of London's most visited attractions. By Richard Baker.

Phuket sails upmarket


Phuket's postcard-perfect beaches once welcomed masses of backpackers, but the island is rapidly turning into an upmarket holiday spot by becoming Asia's premier sailing destination.

Northern Thailand

Dust and drama on the roads less travelled

Frank Brandmaier Expect the unexpected if you go off-road north-west of Chiang Mai, writes Frank Brandmaier.

Wild Animal Rescue

A walk through...Chatuchak market

Gary Walsh Bangkok's biggest market is sweaty, crowded, smelly and endlessly fascinating, writes Gary Walsh.

South-East Asia

Land cruiser

Gary Walsh Cocooned in his ritzy train, Gary Walsh rocks and rolls through a colourful corner of South-East Asia.


Treasure island


Harriet Upjohn The painful truth behind pearls is not the only surprise in paradise, Harriet Upjohn writes.