Shore excursion: Alaska

Diane Grady is impressed by the ingenuity of whales on a wildlife cruise though Alaska.


Postcard: Hot to trot ... or maybe not

Mal Chenu 'Floor is blackboard, shoe is chalk,' he says as he smoothly traces perfect lines across the dance floor.


The Cruise Director: ahoy solo cruisers


Sally Macmillan More ocean and river cruise lines are reducing or waiving the single supplement.


Laps of the goddesses

Zurich bath house

Angie Kelly This women-only bath house on Zurich's Limmat River leads a delightful double life. A barefoot Angie Kelly takes a look.


An otter delight

Sea otter

On an Alaskan cruise, adorable otters take centre stage in a cast of whales, eagles and starfish, writes Julietta Jameson.


I know this great little place ...

Simon Thomsen Christopher Kostow has earned three Michelin stars for his nine and 10-course dinners.

The Tripologist

Everyone asks: is Antarctic travel in trouble?

Akademik Shokalskiy

The Tripologist Is the Akademik Shokalskiy being trapped in thick ice for 10 days an ominous sign for Antarctic travel?

The Backpacker

Ten popular tourist attractions that can kill you

Full Moon Party, Thailand

The Backpacker If you don't like taking risks, you should probably avoid doing any of these.

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Thursday Island

Shore excursion: One fine day

Jane E Fraser Keen expedition cruiser Rick Cooper, of Noosa, steps through Australian history in the north of Queensland.


Marooned by choice

Reefworld pontoon

Andrew Taylor From all angles, stunning is the word, writes Andrew Taylor.


Shift in the cool

Northcote and Thornbury are Melbourne's latest hip hotspots, writes Tim Richards.


Tale of two Tasmanian riverbanks

A tour of the Tamar Valley's wineries reveals depth and diversity in styles, writes Andrew Bain.

The Cruise Director: Australia Day

Sally Macmillan What's happening for Australia Day on board the ships sailing around the country?

Luxe Nomad

A $60 salad? Welcome to the joys of room service

Room service ... the reality doesn't always match the fantasy.

Lee Tulloch I stayed at a reputable Paris hotel where a plate of chopped lettuce with dressing was listed on the room-service menu at $60.


Weaving their magic

The variety of life makes this silk city rich, writes Luke Slattery.

Gourmet travel

Sue Lawrence: I know this great little place ...

Sally Webb Food writer and cook Sue Lawrence has had a long media career since winning British Masterchef in 1991.

Northern Territory

Adventures in Alice's wonderland

There's action aplenty, as Kerry van der Jagt discovers in our unofficial capital.


Spirit of romance

He stole the secret of whisky and a wife - and his drop is among the best, writes Stephen Phelan.


And for Cirque's next act ...

Jill Dupleix In Canada's beautiful Charlevoix region, Jill Dupleix takes a gastronomic train to the door of her hotel.


Mountains of plenty

Terry Durack Terry Durack finds meeting the people behind the food along the Charlevoix Flavour Trail makes everything taste better - no argument.