Glam for all seasons


Kristie Lau finds new meaning in the term crystal clear during a city pampering session.


Cracking under the pressure

Ben Wyld Ben Wyld finds himself in a sticky situation.


Chill out in the jet age

Jacqueline Maley Jacqueline Maley takes a bath at Spa Chakra.

Hepburn Springs

A town for all seasons

Kay O'Sullivan Daylesford and Hepburn Springs have a spring in their steps these days, writes Kay O'Sullivan.


Adventures in spa land

Richard Jinman Forget just lounging on a beach - Thailand is getting serious about relaxation. Richard Jinman tests the waters.


Say hello excess and wave goodbye to stress

John Borthwick Chill out in this sumptuous homage to oriental kitsch. John Borthwick did.


Merci, Eugenie


Treatments are a marriage of plant virtues and thermal waters. Judy Chapman visits a French spa town offering something for all budgets.

Southern India

Do your doshas a favour

Liz Edward For her first spa experience, Liz Edwards is glad she chose the real deal.

Hunter Valley

Dancing, not drowning

Susan Wyndham Susan Wyndham drifts off in the arms of a watsu therapist.

Spa watch

Scrubs up a treat

Debbie Neilson and Phillip Hunter. The writers were guests of Spirit of Tasmania III and P&O Resorts. Debbie Neilson and Phillip Hunter test Cradle Mountain's new alpine spa.


Heat of the day

Julia Baird Despite a touch of Broome belly, Julia Baird scrubs up pretty well.


Kids are winners in paradise


The service was a shemozzle and the room was run-down, but Club Med Lindeman Island sure is a great place for a family holiday, Angie Kelly writes.

Fraser Island

Crikey, this one's a natural


Guy Wilkinson stays at a Fraser Island resort given the Steve Irwin tick for ecotourism.

Whitsunday Islands

Some kind of bliss

To infinity and beyond ... looking out from a plunge pool at Qualia.

For 20 years Hayman Island has been the benchmark of luxury. Now there's a new contender to the throne: Qualia on Hamilton Island.

Fun and fitness

All work and even more play

James Shrimpton James Shrimpton tells how you can help body and spirit in a beautiful setting.


All downhill from here


Mari Gibson and her family of beginner skiers take Smiggin Holes by storm.


Denman about town


The eyebrow-raising swims have gone, to be replaced by eye-catching cuisine, writes Rachel Oakes-Ash.


Sledging your bets


A visit to the snow doesn't have to be financially crippling, writes Marc Llewellyn.

Mount Hotham

Winter takes grip


As Victoria plunges deeper into the snow season Jane Reddy reactivates her ski legs at Mount Hotham.


Baby, it's cold outside


Minus 10 degrees, in fact - but Susan Bredow and family don't notice, once inside their stylish ski escape.