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Weaving their magic

The variety of life makes this silk city rich, writes Luke Slattery.


Buggy required: inside the world's biggest shopping mall

Gigantic ... the Dubai Mall covers 1.1 million square metres and holds an impressive 1200 stores.

Donna Demaio finds the mammoth Dubai Mall is so big it's better to experience it on four wheels than on two legs.


'Can you bring me back a ... ?' How to deal with travel gifts

Stumped for a gift to bring back for friends or relatives? You can never go wrong with a scarf.

The Tripologist 'Since you're heading for Thailand/Venice/the wilds of Turkmenistan, can you pick me up a silk cushion cover/a Murano vase/a yak wool carpet in a traditional design?'

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Air travel

Fly buys: the world's best airport shops

Harrods at Heathrow ... the legendary London department store has an outlet in each of the airport's five terminals.

Julietta Jameson Got time for a little shopping action pre-holiday flight? Think outside the perfume box and discover some airport specialty stores that perfectly encapsulate the nation outside the arrivals hall.

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Hong Kong

Welcome to brand land


From fab to fake, it'll be in Hong Kong, says Rachael Oakes Ash.


Girls just wanna have fun


Big city, short time? Leave it to a group of girls to streamline the perfect Bangkok weekend, writes Amy Cooper.

It's just the two of us

retail therapy in New York.

There's a world of ideas for a mother and daughter getaway with it all, writes Belinda Jackson.


Twenty reasons for girls to visit New York

New York female tourists

Kristie Kellahan, Louise Goldsbury From shopping and beauty to eating out and cocktails, this is the best on offer in the Big Apple.


All rugs and love drugs

Istanbul, Turkey

Discover everything you might want, and more, at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, writes Richard Tulloch.


Colour my world

Belinda Jackson Belinda Jackson takes her passion for cushions, scarves and rugs to a country where the textiles industry is a small and beautiful thing.


A material whirl

Shopping in Asia

Belinda Jackson lists eight favourite destinations at which to arrive with empty bags.


Yes, I'm being served


Angie Kelly Is it possible to find the perfect pair of jeans? Angie Kelly hit the new whole-floor Denim Studio at London's legendary Selfridges to find out.

The tripologist

Everyone asks

The practice is far from transparent, but it's not entirely unfair.


Bali beyond the basic


Seminyak's shopping is a treasure trove of fabulousness, as Belinda Jackson discovers.


Beauty and the feast


Shop and eat like a local at one of Paris' 82 fresh-food markets, writes Lucy Callaghan.


Weird and wonderful inflight shopping

passengers in a plane. Photograph by Getty Images. SHD TRAVEL FEBRUARY 24 POSTCARD. DO NOT ARCHIVE.

Rob McFarland The SkyMall catalogue will forever banish the boredom of US domestic flights and give a glimpse of a better you.

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Hey, big spenders!

Shopping in Asia

Plastic loaded and flats on feet? Experts tell Belinda Jackson where the bargains are in Asia.


On the scent of a city

Serge Lutens, Paris.

Ute Junker Ute Junker is seduced on a whirlwind tour of the best Parisian parfumeries.


Groovy is the new gold

Vintage Swimwear

Forget the pioneering days of the rush - instead dig the nostalgia of Ballarat's new vintage scene, writes Belinda Jackson.


Paris ... where even the flea markets are high class

paris market

Richard Tulloch Nearly all of us in the Western world have way too much stuff. And that certainly includes Parisians.