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Stop whingeing: five reasons flying economy class is great

Mark Juddery It must be one of the most commonly heard travel complaints: the misery of flying economy class.

The Tripologist

Everyone asks: why is a one-way airfare almost as much as a return ticket?

The Tripologist Why does a one-way ticket on most airlines cost almost as much as a return fare?

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At what point do you stop being a 'young' traveller?

When are you too old to be considered a 'young' traveller?

Jane E Fraser "I'm still young, aren't I?" Older travellers are crashing the young travellers' scene.

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Rome on $50 a day

Colosseum, Rome

Once you've found a bed, you can enjoy the Eternal City on a tight budget, writes Steve McKenna.

Twenty reasons to visit Fremantle

20 reasons fremantle.

Mal Chenu From sailing and fishing to arts festivals and boutique pale ales, this is the best on offer in Fremantle.


Hitting the wall

The great wall of china

Fleur Bainger I don't sleep around. Except on very special occasions.

Travel budgets

Warning: dip ahead

shd travel june 30 dollar proof cook islands hi-res from Gaynor Stanley, On behalf of Cook Islands Tourism gaynor@pepr.com.au

Jane Reddy Our falling currency is no bar to Australian travellers finding good-value destinations, writes Jane Reddy, who has done the homework for you on where the bargains are.


Guide at a glance: Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay, NSW. Photograph by Getty Images. SHD TRAVEL MAY 19 STAYZ BATEMANS BAY


Lee Atkinson tests the waters on NSW's south coast and relishes getting back to nature.


Ahead of the pack

Sydney Harbour YHA

Ben Groundwater Ben Groundwater puts to rest the age-old notion that to backpack is to slum it with this list of 'poshpacker' hostels.

The Backpacker

How Gen Y sucked the fun out of travel

Gen Y has created a new, more demanding type of young traveller ... and the industry is changing to accommodate them.

The Backpacker The generation with a sense of entitlement has changed travel forever.

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The Backpacker

The tricky part of AirBnB

Gothenburg, Sweden

The Backpacker You don't have to stay in hostels or hotels when you travel any more. But there can be some drawbacks.

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Ben Groundwater

Why trains are better than planes

Train in Cologne, Germany

The Backpacker Two Dutch girls, a Swedish guy, a Belgian and an Aussie in one cabin. Beats flying.

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High adventure on the cheap


Travel Insider There is no reason for holidaymakers on a budget to deprive themselves - you just need a planned approach and an eye for a bargain.

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A world of wonder - it's as cheap as trips


Ben Groundwater From beachside bliss in Nicaragua to free walking tours of Berlin, 2013 offers great opportunities for the budget-conscious, writes Ben Groundwater.

Party's over for backpacker mecca

Vang Vieng tubing

Once the party mecca of South-East Asia for backpackers, Vang Vieng has cleaned up its act - but tourists are staying away, writes David Whitley.


Rug up and reap the benefits


If you're keen for a wintery holiday, there are bargains to be had, writes Belinda Jackson.


Take care with quick-click trips

Resort pool

Travel Insider A little bit of research goes a long way to ensure there are no regrets when using the increasingly popular group buying websites to nab your next holiday.

Flight Test

Flight Test: Qantas 747 economy class

Qantas 747-400 Dallas.

Flight Test Qantas will finish reconfiguring its 747-400s with A380-style seating by the end of October.

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Chic and cheerful

Bounce Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney.

Kahla Preston Enterprising hostels are casting off the dingy tag with cool decor and features.


London to Paris for a pound

London's megabus.

Nicholas Roe takes a front-row seat on a daytime coach service blazing a budget trail between the capitals.