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The world's best foods for late-night scoffing

The Backpacker These dishes are at the bottom of the foodie chain, the stuff you scoff after a few beers. But surely they deserve better?

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In pursuit of the perfect meal


The Backpacker I have faith that Google Maps can get me there - the blue dot never lies. Does it?

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How to get back in the good books with your girlfriend

The Backpacker Need to earn some brownie points after upsetting your significant other? Here's the perfect way.

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A sacred dessert pilgrimage


The Backpacker Some people prefer to conduct their sacred journey in a state of hardship, trekking countless miles. Me, I prefer a train trip and some ice-cream.

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Is this even a restaurant?

Kyoto restaurant

The Backpacker I won't tell you the name of this place, because that's not the point.

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Where to find Rome's finest food

Parmesan cheeses at Eataly in Rome

The Backpacker When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And Romans don't go to the Colosseum.

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Booze tourism? I don't mind that

Napa Valley Wine

The Backpacker I don't know much about wine but, like a lot of tourists, I fake it.

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Forget all the fashionable foodie fare

Peruvian pancake tacu tacu.

Ben Groundwater It's not the fancy stuff in the capital that impresses, but the down-home, simple food of the north.

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The restaurant with no food

Restaurant Morocco

Ben Groundwater It's not like a normal restaurant. This place takes BYO to an extreme.

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The Holy Grail of fast food

The Backpacker You think you know fast food? The US will make you think again.

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Where you don't just get a bed, you get friends

Namibia Institute of Culinary Education (NICE), 
Windhoek, Namibia.

The Backpacker The big chain hotels probably have their attractions, but if you've got the choice it has to be a guesthouse.

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'Beef' burger is one third horse ... so what?

Eating scorpions

The Backpacker So the UK's biggest supermarket chain sold 'beef' burgers that were 29-per cent horse. Not strange compared to what I've eaten ...

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The best bar in the world

Bar, Spain

The Backpacker If only I could remember where it was, or what it was called.

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London's hottest restaurant leaves me cold

London queue

The Backpacker London's hottest restaurant doesn't take bookings, just like every other hot restaurant around the world.

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The best and worst thing in the world

Family eating in Italy

The Backpacker It's wonderful, and it might almost single-handedly be bringing down the eurozone.

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Where to find the world's best coffee

Girl drinking coffee from cup.

The Backpacker It's not in France, and it's not in England. But it might be in the USA...

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Would you like legs with your coffee?

Cafe con piernas Santiago

The Backpacker The cafe staff are all women, all dressed in the same short, tight dresses, all with voluptuous figures.

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The fine eateries Aussies don't do well

Smoked Meat Sandwich at Schwartz's Restaurant, Montreal, Canada.

The Backpacker If these type of places existed in Australia, they would have been turned into huge chains by now.

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It's a Singaporean thing

Singapore food

The Backpacker They don't show hospitality by hugging or buying flowers or gifts. They have a different method.

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My kind of market


The Backpacker Those arts-and-crafty ones that people wander around without any intention of buying anything? I hate those markets.

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