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There's nothing here

The Backpacker In one of the world's least populated countries, this is one of its least populated spots.

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Eight places you need to visit right now

Colombia beach.

The Backpacker The world is changing: here are eight places you need to get to before they're overrun with tourists.

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How to kill time at a boring airport

Delayed passenger

The Backpacker Hours to kill at an airport where there's not much to do? Try this for fun.

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Maggots in your leg? Sure, we cover that

Who knew raw steak could treat maggot-infested wounds?

The Backpacker Travel insurance is essential, but you need to read the fine print.

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The world's least liveable cities

Young women in Tehran ... it's not a pretty city, but there are attractions to be found.

The Backpacker These cities have been rated the world's least liveable - but are they still worth visiting?

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When your holiday requires its own outfit

Safari fashion

The Backpacker I wouldn't be caught dead in these clothes in Australia. But here? It's the tourists' uniform.

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The simple magic of a smartphone

Himba tribe Namibia

The Backpacker There's nothing familiar to me in this remote culture, and yet we can make a connection.

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How digital photography is ruining travelling

tourist with camera

The Backpacker Snap, snap, snap. Travel is in danger of becoming just a series of photo opportunities. Time to put the camera down.

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The movies and TV shows that inspire travel

Game of Thrones

The Backpacker It's not the plot, it's the scenery. Some films just make you think, 'I want to go there. Now.'

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Places you never knew you could ski

A girl holds her snowboard in the mountains of the ski resort of Faqra east of Beirut, Lebanon.

Rachael Oakes-Ash Our guide to the ultimate bucket list of 'who knew' ski destinations.

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The restaurant with no food

Restaurant Morocco

Ben Groundwater It's not like a normal restaurant. This place takes BYO to an extreme.

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Ten cities you will love at first sight

Table Mountain, Cape Town

The Backpacker Some cities take a while to reveal their charms - but these are the ones I loved as soon as I arrived.

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Where you don't just get a bed, you get friends

Namibia Institute of Culinary Education (NICE), 
Windhoek, Namibia.

The Backpacker The big chain hotels probably have their attractions, but if you've got the choice it has to be a guesthouse.

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The world's top 10 best small towns

San Sebastian

The Backpacker The world's greatest city? Who cares? Bigger isn't always better - here are some the world's best bite-sized destinations...

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The time I caught an exotic disease

Sick woman

The Backpacker The boys were convinced it was a hangover, but I'd never had a hangover like this before.

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Noise, smells, touts: when cities assault you

Fez, Morocco

The Backpacker Some cities are quiet, circumspect. You can spend days in them without meeting anyone. This is not one of those cities.

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When travel becomes a bit 'meh'

Henna tattoos

The Backpacker Remember your first travel experience? Everything was amazing and different ... and impossible to sustain.

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Top 10 best destinations for travel photos

Tourists pose for a picture at the Uyuni salt flats, Bolivia.

The Backpacker Want to get that perfect shot? There are some destinations where you can't go wrong, no matter what your skills ...

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Where the tourists are fair game

Pyramids of Giza, near Cairo.

The Backpacker Despite what they say, nothing around here comes at 'no cost to you'.

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The ultimate place to get lost

Stone Town, Zanzibar.

The Backpacker You can't find yourself until you've gotten lost', they say. Bleargh. I hate getting lost.

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