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Jetstar to replace Qantas? Here's why that's absurd

Travellers' Check When Qantas invented Jetstar a decade ago, it aimed to be everything Qantas wasn’t: a no-frills way airline with dirt cheap fares.

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Premium puts the squeeze on cheap seats

Economy class is about to get more cramped.

Traveller's Check Even as airlines like Etihad unveil even more luxurious seating and sleeping options on their big jets, the outlook has never been bleaker space-wise for those hoping to fly at restricted 'headline'...

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Coming soon: Superjumbos with no economy seats

Skymark's first Airbus A380 superjumbo takes off on its maiden testing flight. Skymark Airlines will become the first A380 operator in Japan when it takes delivery of its first aircraft later this year and will fit out its superjumbos with premium economy and business seats only.

Travellers' Check One airline is flying in the face of budget carriers by fitting out planes with only premium seats.

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In pursuit of the perfect meal


The Backpacker I have faith that Google Maps can get me there - the blue dot never lies. Does it?

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A ridiculous attraction you won't find in guidebooks

Ramen Museum

The Backpacker I don't quite get it, but I do know that it takes me back to my days as a poverty-stricken student.

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Is this even a restaurant?

Kyoto restaurant

The Backpacker I won't tell you the name of this place, because that's not the point.

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Tourist trash versus 'real' experiences

Touristy ... Fisherman's Wharf in Tamsui, just north of Taipei.

The Backpacker Travellers claim they want 'real' experiences. But does such a thing exist?

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Places you never knew you could ski

A girl holds her snowboard in the mountains of the ski resort of Faqra east of Beirut, Lebanon.

Rachael Oakes-Ash Our guide to the ultimate bucket list of 'who knew' ski destinations.

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The world's best live music scenes

Bruce Springsteen

The Backpacker Whether you want to see a headline act at a stadium or a bunch of nobodies in a dive bar, these are the cities to visit.

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Ten cities you will love at first sight

Table Mountain, Cape Town

The Backpacker Some cities take a while to reveal their charms - but these are the ones I loved as soon as I arrived.

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If you can only go to one more country ...

Tokyo, Shinjuku district

The Backpacker The rule is you can only visit one more country in your travels for the rest of your life. What's it going to be?

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The land without budget airlines

China flight attendants

Travellers' Check Budget airlines are booming across the Asia-Pacific, but there's still one big black hole.

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Is this the craziest place on Earth?

Tokyo maid cafe

The Backpacker It's not a restaurant, but there's food. It's not a bar, but there's drinks. It's not a fetish den, but it's ... vaguely sexual.

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What do they do with all those photos?

The Backpacker You could swear you were missing out on something. What's with the cameras? What are they taking photos of?

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Where all the Australians are

Girl with Australia flag face paint.

The Backpacker Looking for fellow Aussies on Australia Day? Here are the places around the world you'll find them.

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Sorry, Europe: Why Aussie travellers should be heading to Asia


The Backpacker Here we sit at the bottom of probably the most fascinating continent on Earth, and we still know very little about it. That has to change.

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The one reason you need to visit Beijing


The Backpacker There's one key reason you should visit Beijing, and it's not to see the Forbidden City or Mao's tomb.

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Why Japan should be on every Australian's list

Portrait of young maiko (apprentice geisha) girl, downtown Kyoto.

Travellers' Check For most Australian travellers, Japan has always been off the radar.

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Toilets: the good, the bad and the baffling

Japan toilet

The Backpacker You expect to be perplexed every now and then. You just don't expect it to happen while you're on the toilet.

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Ten countries that will change your life

Woman overlooking Jodhpur from Meherangarh Fort.  India

The Backpacker Some holiday destinations are good for just that: holidays. But travel can be a lot more than that. If you’re looking for a country that will change your life, then these are the places to start.

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