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Tripologist: Safaris and mountain scenery

Tripologist We are looking at going to South Africa in late June-early July next year.


Metasearch sites are for sore eyes

Michael Mucci

Travel Insider Booking online gets easier as super search engines creep up on Australia.

Air travel

Sky way robbery: beware theft on planes

Burglar on plane luggage

Travel is often hectic - rushing to make a plane, keeping an eye on young children, maybe hauling too much baggage.


Tripologist: Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Burning incense during Tet, the Vietnamese lunar New Year celebration.

Tripologist We are a family of four with older teenagers who would like to go to Vietnam during the Christmas school holidays.

Never too old to shop around online

Michael Mucci.

Jane E. Fraser Your age, health and destination determine the cost of insurance and using comparison websites can help you make a decision.

Tripologist: Innsbruck for New Year's Eve

Austria, The Tyrol, Innsbruck city.

Tripologist Although we are non-skiers, my husband and I are keen to spend New Year's Eve in the snow in Austria.


States of intolerance beaten

Illustration: Michael Mucci.

Travelling overseas with children suffering food allergies ain't easy but can be done with some forward planning, write Matt and Eli Martel.


One size will never suit all passengers

Mucci insurance

Travel Insider Travel insurance policy fine print can be confusing and is a source of great frustration for many, so we've asked companies the key questions.


Passport to smarter spending

China money yuan currency

Michael Gebecki shares his tips on the best ways with money overseas.


Tripologist: a home in Manhattan


Tripologist We are a family of five adults planning a trip to the US and Canada.


Endless summer: how to live in paradise

Island beach yoga

Ever dream about running off to live in an island paradise? Megan Flamer explains how she did just that.

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Flight test

Flight test: Malaysia Airlines economy class

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777

Flight Test The crew are efficient and exceptionally turned out, if not particularly friendly.


Tripologist: Spring to autumn the Scots come out to play

Chippendales promote their Edinburgh Fringe Festival show

Tripologist I would like to travel from Paris to Scotland by train, hire a car and stay in boutique hotels that serve good food.


Guide to Seattle

Dahlia Bakery, Seattle.

If you can beat the rain, this city has sights and culture to delight visitors, writes David Whitley.

Flight test

Flight test: Air Canada economy class

Air Canada 777

Flight Test In most cases the cabin crew are exemplary - with one exception.

Tripologist: Spa beckons at Hong Kong airport

Plaza Premium Lounge, Hong Kong Airport.

Tripologist We are a family of three travelling to Hong Kong in December, arriving at 2.50pm with a connecting flight to Mumbai at 7.50pm.

South America

Latin for beginners

Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro soccer girls

It's a continent that can be intimidating and other-worldly, but it's never, ever dull, writes Steve McKenna.


To use or not to use a travel agent?

Travel agent

Why would you pay someone to do something you could do yourself? It all comes down to value.

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Tripologist: A crowd-free Italy

Trapani, Sicily.

Tripologist My wife and I are looking into a holiday to Italy next year for three-to four weeks.


The right way to go about going

Passengers Waiting to Board plane, Maryland airport generic

Our globetrotting experts, Jane E. Fraser and Michael Gebecki, offer their advice.

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