Traveller Tips


Dirt cheap or dear? How much cash do you need?

Jane E. Fraser suggests the amount of cash you need to survive overseas.

Old towns

Top 10 Old Town districts: theatre of the streets

Secrets to unravel ... a young geisha girl in downtown Kyoto.

Heading to the oldest parts of a city delivers the richest rewards, writes Kerry van der Jagt.


Full-time at the Copacabana

Steve McKenna lets his hair down, and his belt buckle out, in the hottest spot south of Havana.


Your questions

Will we have any problems taking a UK-based hire car into Europe?


Mystery tours: into the great unknown

Where to? Mystery tours are back in fashion.

The mystery tour is making a comeback, writes Jane E. Fraser.


Your questions

What are the 'must-see' places on the drive from Launceston to Hobart?


Your questions

How formal are 'formal' evenings on cruise ships?


All aboard the English short cut

On the rails ... there's a better way to travel on England's trains.

Conquer the torturous systems in the British rail network and uncover a wealth of savings.


Travel tips from long-haul flying celebs

Deni Hine

Meditation, paw paw oil, kissing and booze - celebrities and corporate high-flyers have a myriad of methods to cope with long-haul flights.


Travellers don't mean to be rude, but they are

In some countries public displays of affection can be punishable by law.

Many Australian travellers don't mean to be rude, but when they don't do their research they run the risk of being unwittingly offensive.


Getting the best flight deals: how low can you go?

Air Fares Planes

Flying on the cheap? James Smith shops around for the best deals.


Large family holidays: nuclear explosion

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days, writes Jane E. Fraser.


Your questions

Cruising has become very popular and it can become confusing because there are so many price options.


Top tips on making Europe affordable

Europe Plane Illus

Planning a trip to Europe, and counting the cost? Here are the best ways to make your trip easier and save you money.

High flyers

The secrets of 'power' business travel

Plane-maintenance-generic engine

Who gets an upgrade and who gets bumped? How can you avoid baggage fees? Why do airfares change several times in one day?

Special-interest tours

Pursuits of passion

Be it saving bears, unearthing ruins or chasing miracles, special-interest tours get you to the heart of the action.


Your questions

We are heading to Beijing at the beginning of July. Is it better to organise day tours from here or wait until we arrive?


Connect with the locals

When in Paris ... travelling on the metro is as much a part of Paris as seeing the Eiffel Tower.

It might take longer but public transport can be a real eye-opener, writes Jane E. Fraser.


The ultimate literary lunch

David Whitley saves a pretty penny as he enjoys eating his words at an innovative Geneva cafe.


The best cards to earn Qantas frequent flyer points


Leah McLennan If you need to know the best credit card for collecting Qantas frequent flyer points so you can take off on a dream holiday, then read on.