Traveller Tips


Travel agents versus online booking: pros and cons

The internet is great for booking many parts of a trip, but not everything.

Jane E. Fraser finds the death of the travel agent has been greatly exaggerated.


Up for a steep, cheap treat

Passionate local guides make San Francisco's past come to life for Sue White.


Your questions

I am looking at driving across the US, from New York to Los Angeles.


Sending out an SMS

In the loop ... a new SMS service will keep travellers abreast of developments that may affect their trip.

Trouble ahead? A new `concierge' service will let you know, writes Jane E. Fraser.


Get your tropical gear on

Can't bear the thought of the impending cold? Head to the tropics, says Justine Costigan.


Your questions

Where can we go to spoil overselves on a group week away, within five hours' flight of Sydney?


'Where the hell is' Matt's top travel tips


Craig Platt Viral video star Matt Harding - of 'Where the hell is Matt?' fame - reveals his top tips for travellers .


Top 10 tips on tipping in America


Peter Mitchell To tip or not to tip? It may seem un-Australian, but in the USA it's a way of life. Here are 10 tips on tipping from an expert.


Overseas mobile calls can be cheap

Talk is cheap ... if you go about it the right way.

Using your mobile overseas doesn't have to break the bank, writes Lee Atkinson.


Stuff it, go the whole hog

Steve McKenna loosens his belt for an all-you-can-eat extravaganza in Argentina's wine country.


Your questions

Where should we go to escape winter? South-East Asia or the Pacific?


Paris on a budget: let them eat cake

A model of refined simplicity on the outside, the iron lady that symbolises Paris is a complicated piece of work inside her elegant A-line figure.

Stephen Quinn, on a budget, discovers there is still room for champagne and escargot in Paris.


Don't spit, have public sex or forget to flush the toilet


Chris Pritchard Breaking laws while on holiday in another country is easier than you think.


Hotel haggling: ask and you may receive

Welcome ... many hotel and tour operators are willing to bargain for your business.

A better hotel price awaits if you know how to haggle, writes Jane E. Fraser.


The grand new perks of York

David Whitley takes to the laneways and alleys of an old city offering great bargains.


Your questions

We are travelling to London, Paris and Rome. Is it better to book accommodation now or closer to the date of departure?


Now's the time to book the cheapest holiday in years


Hotels and airlines, stung by the downturn in business, are wooing customers with cheap packages.


First-hand encounters

Shared knowledge ... online forums let you tell others about your travel experiences.

Online forums let you share your experiences with millions, writes Jane E. Fraser.

Hong Kong

A spa that's worth the walk

Joanna Hall discovers a bargain-priced way to recover from a dose of Hong Kong shopper's feet.


Your questions

Are there alternatives to costly travel packages into Bhutan?