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2012 news quiz

How well were you paying attention in 2012? Test your knowledge with our end-of-year quiz.


1. What did Julia Gillard lose on Australia Day?

2. Contempt. Demeaning. Ludicrous. Psychopath. Chaotic. Paralysis. Dysfunctional. Impossible. Who are Labor MPs describing here?

3. How many Labor MPs remain in the Queensland state parliament after the election in March?

4. Which child sided with Gina Rinehart in the multibillion dollar family trust legal battle?

5. Who claimed his mobile phone was cloned?


6. Name the Canberra-based journalist whose real-life scoop implicated him in a scandal - and the name of his satirical novel.

7. Christopher Pyne, manager of Opposition Business, claims he ran from the House as fast as which animal?

8. What town was going to be wiped out by the carbon tax?

9. How many dinosaurs would the Sunshine Coast Council allow on Clive Palmer's golf course without a special permit?

10. What type of robot was Photoshopped into the artwork Storming the Winter Palace in the VCE "History: Revolutions" exam?


11. "Maybe Brits have too many holidays for broke country!"

12. "A few very crowded days and now the perfect antidote: nearly two hours of Pilates. Go for it folks - abs of steel!"

13. "7. Minutes. Of. Terror. Starts. NOW."


14. Captain Francesco Schettino didn't go down with the ship - what was its name?

15. Who did Jason Russell want to "make famous" and put on trial?

16. Which disgraced former political leader was called "the tomato" on Chinese social media to escape censorship?

17. Who is the first lady of France and what was her day job?

18. Who did Clint Eastwood debate at the Republican national convention?


19. How many Bryce Courtenay novels have been published?

20. Name the four 2012 judges of the Australian version of The Voice

21. How many Australian actors were nominated for Oscars in 2012?

22. What is Wayne Swan's favourite song?

23. What is Tony Abbott's favourite TV show?


24. Which well-known physicist won the inaugural Special Fundamental Physics Prize worth $US3 million?

25. What won't happen again until 2117?

26. What is the 'God particle'?

27. Why did NASA engineer Bobak Ferdowsi attract attention during the Mars landing?

28. Who scored the last interview with astronaut Neil Armstrong?


29. What was the UK Word of the Year 2012, and who coined it?

30. What does Pete Evans snack on?

31. Who is "destroying the joint"?

32. What does more than one in eight Australians have, according to the latest census?

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