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Megan Levy is a breaking news reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald, after previous stints at The Age in Melbourne and London's The Daily Telegraph. Email or tweet Megan with your news tips.

'You're being followed': backpacker sexually assaulted after con

Police wish to speak to a man fitting this description over the assault.

Megan Levy A Dutch backpacker was sexually assaulted by a man who claimed the woman was being followed down a St Kilda street and convinced her to get into his car.

Victim flees from masked, drunk sex attacker

The Ringwood sex attack suspect.

Megan Levy A woman was sexually assaulted by a drunk, balaclava-clad man as she tried to return to her car in Melbourne's outer east, police say.

Fake florist's violent jewel heist

A rose.

Megan Levy A cunning thief disguised himself as a florist before forcing his way into a jewellery store in Melbourne's north and robbing it at gunpoint, police say.

Police hunt after early morning sex attack on teen


Megan Levy A teenager was sexually assaulted at knifepoint by a balaclava-clad man who pounced on her as she walked home on the Mornington Peninsula, police say.

Weak dog: robbery victim, 73, pays out on gunman


Megan Levy A 73-year-old man who had a gun pointed at his head during a terrifying home robbery in Melbourne's east told the intruder he was a "weak dog" before running away down the street.

Man's face burnt in chemical attack

Megan Levy A man who sustained severe burns to his face when two balaclava-clad men ambushed him and doused him with a chemical broke down yesterday as he described the attack.

Man sprayed with toxic liquid in 'premeditated attack'

Toxic liquid attack victim 'Mark'

Megan Levy A man suffered serious burns to his face after being grabbed from behind and doused with a toxic liquid in what police suspect was a premeditated attack in Melbourne's south last week.

Teenage gunman: police probe possible sighting

David Paul Rowntree.

Paul Millar and Megan Levy A close friend of a suspected gunman David Rowntree, who escaped a police dragnet in Melbourne yesterday and is still on the run, has urged the 19-year-old hand himself in to police.

Teen gun suspect 'extremely dangerous': police

David Paul Rowntree.

Megan Levy and Paul Millar Police have locked down the Melbourne Park sports precinct and are searching for a gunman holed up in the area following a high-speed pursuit in the city’s east this morning.

Headphone danger warning after cyclist using iPod hit by tram

Cyclist hit by tram

Megan Levy Cyclists who wear headphones while riding are increasing their risk of being involved in a serious crash, according to a transport safety expert.