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Ambulances ramping rampant in Melbourne

13 ambulances were ramped in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Deborah Gough Up to 13 ambulances were "ramped" at St Vincent's Hospital with up to six hospitals placed on emergency bypass - too full to take more patients.

Man arrested over St Albans home death

The hotel room where Vatthana Chounlamountry was arrested.

Deborah Gough A man wanted in relation to a fatal stabbing earlier this week has been arrested following a dramatic siege at a hotel in Melbourne's north-west.

Hoon busted at 184km/h on inner Melbourne road

Deborah Gough A Footscray driver will be paying for a spin in his mate's car after he was clocked travelling at 184km/h in a 70km/h zone on Thursday night.

Gym and tonic: women fighting back

Jill Meagher.

Deborah Gough As a martial arts champion Jess Fraser could handle herself when under attack, but when Jill Meagher's body was found in Gisborne South, it triggered a two-day anxiety attack in her.

Energy watchdog failed to use powers, say advocacy and counselling groups

Electricity supplier warns that wholesale power prices have fallen below sustainable levels.

Deborah Gough and Rachel Wells State energy watchdog was failing to use its powers to enforce a code protecting struggling customers from having their power cut and power companies were flouting the same code, advocacy and...

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Eye socket, nose smashed in late-night sex attack

Police tape generic

Deborah Gough A woman had her eye socket smashed and her nose broken as she fought off a man who tried to tear off her clothes at a train station in Melbourne's west.

Lonely Planet redundancies fear after NC2 buyout

Deborah Gough Lonely Planet staff in Melbourne are bracing themselves for wide-scale redundancies on Thursday.

Station staff do not deter thugs

Railway station

Deborah Gough More than three-quarters of all reported attacks at Melbourne train stations occur at staffed facilities.