Anti-abortion protesters a nuisance

An East Melbourne abortion clinic takes anti-choice protesters to court for harassing patients and staff.

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Man with knife in tree in Northcote

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Alana Schetzer 11:56 PM   Police are currently negotiating with a man in Northcote who climbed up a tree brandishing a weapon on Monday afternoon.

Dan the torpeodos as Andrews ups periscope for budget QandA

Premier Daniel Andrews at the Royal Children's Hospital advising parents against leaving children in parked cars in hot weather. Picture by Salona Chithiray. 07/01/2015. The Age.

Liam Mannix 10:35 PM   Up Periscope – Daniel (Dan) Andrews is the first political leader in Australia to take to the new live streaming app.

Homeless, young job seekers miss out as services close

Ann Scully and Wallace Caravalho at Cafe2go which is run by Youth Projects.

Miki Perkins 7:32 PM   Victorian welfare agencies that have helped hundreds of homeless people hunt for jobs will have to close their specialist employment services after missing out on millions of dollars in federal funding.

Disabled, families and sporting clubs winners from state budget

The Andrews government aims to deliver on election promises.

Josh Gordon, Benjamin Preiss, Richard Willingham 7:30 PM   People with disabilities, families with young children, and local sporting clubs are set to be winners from a state budget aimed boosting services and delivering election promises.

Students at over-crowded Preston school lose oval

Students at Bell Primary School campaign against the portable classrooms.

Timna Jacks 7:01 PM   As students at over-crowded Bell Primary School in Preston lose half of their play area to portable classrooms, the third floor of the heritage-listed building remains vacant.

Espy to close, as grungy music venue undergoes a makeover

The Esplanade, St Kilda

Aisha Dow & Allison Worrall 6:53 PM   One of Melbourne's favourite live-music venues, The Esplanade Hotel, will close its doors for months on end in order to complete major renovations, which sources say will include a new elevated restaurant.

Transurban lobbyists were former advisers in previous Labor govt

Treasurer Tim Pallas, whose former roads adviser from 2010 is now a lobbyist for Transurban, which has proposed a $5.5 billion road through Melbourne's west.

Clay Lucas 6:52 PM   The role of lobbyists in the Andrews government is under scrutiny, after it emerged that the Treasurer's former chief of staff when Labor was previously in power is now a lobbyist for Transurban.

Xavier abuse victims say nine cases 'tip of the iceberg'

Mark Fabbro, a victim of abuse at Xavier College, has called for greater transparency.

Timna Jacks 6:49 PM   Victims of abuse at Xavier College believe the principal's mention of nine cases at the school in the 1960s and 1970s was "grossly inadequate".

Data shows needy state schools miss out on funding: AEU

A generic photo of students playing taken at Preston West Primary School. 30 May 2007.
The Age Education. Pic by EDDIE JIM/ejz070530.002.003

Henrietta Cook, Timna Jacks 6:44 PM   The union hopes the figures put pressure on the Andrews government to commit to the final two years of the Gonski agreement.

Mandarin goes online in Victorian classrooms

Grade 5 students from St Josephs Catholic Primary School in Mernda learning Chinese via Skype.

Timna Jacks 6:41 PM   Mandarin classes are increasingly being taught by Beijing-based teachers via Skype in regional and rural Victorian schools because of a shortage of local teachers and resources.

Ancient church develops multimillion-dollar high-rise for its followers

Father Mark Attalla (left), His Grace Bishop Suriel and Father Paul Awad.

Beau Donelly 6:30 PM   An ancient church is moving with the times to create a modern place of worship in central Melbourne.

Twelve bouncers now charged over CQ nightclub stabbing

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Steve Butcher 6:25 PM   Twelve bouncers have now been charged after a man last month was allegedly chased and stabbed outside a popular CQ nightclub in Melbourne.

Warm praise for Metro inspector who rescued woman trapped under train

Authorised officer Michael McGuigan assists a commuter with a ticket query at Flinders Street Station, Melbourne.

Adam Carey 5:25 PM   A father has expressed his deep gratitude towards a Metro ticket inspector whose quick thinking saved his daughter from serious injury after she fell between a train and platform as the train pulled away in the morning rush.

Parents 'drunk and stoned' in hours leading to baby's death


Adam Cooper 5:11 PM   A coroner investigating whether a baby asphyxiated while co-sleeping with her parents has been told the child's parents both appeared drunk and her father stoned in the hours before the baby's death.

Slippery con man jailed for seafood fraud

Rocco Calabrese will spend the next year behind bars.

Adam Cooper 4:26 PM   A fraudster who wrote dud cheques to order tonnes of seafood and hire a luxury car has been jailed and warned that coming the raw prawn again will earn him more prison time.

Child-snatch attempt claims unverified

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Rania Spooner 4:05 PM   A vague account of an attempted child abduction involving two men and a white van has been circulating through Melbourne's inner north since the weekend, despite no official report being made to police.

Twenty new trams to be ordered in $2 billion boost for Victorian manufacturing

Tram manufacturer Bombardier previously warned it might have to lay off suppliers and place staff on gardening duties.

Benjamin Preiss 2:36 PM   A $274 million order for 20 new trams will form part of a $2 billion commitment to train and tram manufacturing in the state budget.

Paedophile priest told to expect shorter jail term

David Rapson leaves the Magistrates Court in 2012.

Adam Cooper 2:29 PM   Paedophile priest David Rapson has been told by a judge he can expect a shorter jail sentence to the one imposed before a retrial was ordered.

Traffic delays in Camberwell after a man loses consciousness behind the wheel and crashes


Allison Worrall 9:20 AM   A man has died at the wheel of his car while driving in Camberwell this morning, ploughing into two parked cars and hitting two pedestrians. The 65-year-old man was travelling south on Burke Road shortly before 6.30am when he went into cardiac arrest and veered onto the wrong side of the road and mounted the kerb.

Stawell boy in hospital after drinking petrol

air Ambulance Victoria helicopter

9:02 AM   A toddler is in the Royal Children's Hospital in a serious condition after swallowing petrol.

Casino gambling debt linked to drug crime

More than a third of all people banned from the casino by police are believed to be Vietnamese.

Nino Bucci and Nick McKenzie 7:24 AM   Vietnamese women jailed in record numbers for drug offences say they turned to crime to pay gambling debts suffered at Crown Casino.

Victoria's fattest and fittest areas revealed

The Heart Foundation says obesity and inactivity are the two major risk factors for heart disease.

Dan Harrison 6:52 AM   The town of Shepparton has the dishonour of having the highest proportion of obese residents in Victoria.

Her first 100 days clean

Erin, 20, is recovering from her ice addiction at Tandana Place.

Jane Lee   After an abused childhood and early introduction to drugs, mother-of-one Erin is now turning her life around at Tandana Place.

Boy, 15, charged with bashing cop

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Steve Lillebuen   A teenage boy has been accused of attacking a police officer in Melbourne's south-east, leaving him with neck and spinal injuries.

Xavier College admits historic child sexual abuse on school grounds


Steve Lillebuen   The head of Xavier College, one of Melbourne's top private schools, has admitted the extent of child sex abuse that took place on college grounds.

Kiss guitarist recalls loud, dumb and hilarious rock

Ace Frehley


From: Vicky Iliopoulos, Kerry O'Brien Publicity 
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Cc: Jo-Anne 
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Michael Dwyer   Make-up-free and sporting aviator shades and a black goatee, the former Kiss rocker brought his show-metal trio to town.

Parole board chief breaks silence on legal tips to alleged mafia boss

Head of the adult parole board, Justice Bill Gillard.

Steve Lillebuen   Victorian parole board chief Bill Gillard has broken his silence about giving legal advice to the alleged head of Melbourne's mafia.

MSO has audience champing at the Beethovian bit

Conductor Diego Matheuz.

Clive O'Connell   The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, under Diego Matheuz, celebrates Beethoven's famed 1808 Viennese concert.


Now for better projects than East West Link

A happy conjunction is open to the Andrews government if it does two things.

City planning gears up to go into neutral body

Battle over Link validates need for a neutral body to take politics out of infrastructure planning.

Disability crisis: why won’t anything change?

Despite rapes, deaths and neglect in care, the disability sector is obsessed with self-protection.

Fight terrorism by partnering with Muslims

Deradicalisation needs police work, but it’s the Islamic community’s responsibility.

Money talks at state schools

Growing class divide in state system is due to schoosl having lots of  middle-class parents.

What happened to that swag of footy cliches?

Before these articulate ex-champs took to the mike, footy commentary had its own unique vocabulary.

Putting a stop to the endless recyclables cycle

I can't live for the moment. Instead I wish my life away in two-week increments.

Found ... in a land where searchers do not give up

We might reflect that Australia is a land where searchers and rescuers do not give up.


A Golden Age of China at NGV

Gallery throws its doors open for a major exhibition showcasing Chinese treasures from the 1700s.

Females 'shouldn't be alone in parks'

The public, especially females, should be cautious following the brazen stabbing murder.

Abbott: 'I just want to see the East-West link built'

Prime Minister won't confirm if Victoria will lose the $1.5bn pledged towards the East West Link.